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cael 11-09-2016 22:03

amu schumer can stay in my bunker anytime :brows:

absent 11-09-2016 22:05

Welcher list:
  • Midge
  • Amy Schumer

Add more as they come in.

Greedo909 11-09-2016 22:06

from 2010:

Veniggs 11-09-2016 22:07

"my heart breaks"

"im in tears"

how do they react when something truly awful happens to them? or is this amy's and every other commies' privilege talking?

Pagy 11-09-2016 22:08

miss piggy schumer gets fingered by some random old taxi driver then wants to educate us all on the intricacies of government

-SS- 11-09-2016 22:09


notice these are the same people who scream racism...

while promising to run to a white country instead of Mexico

Gouge 11-09-2016 22:12

Danno 11-09-2016 22:16

I assume with Amy, like it is with most of Hollywood is that they get stuck in a very strict network of producers/celebrities and if you don't drink the kool-aid you might lose gigs that make you $5-20 million a movie.

Being part of the "in crowd" is a very intoxicating experience and the threat of losing that makes them go ballistic.

cael 11-09-2016 22:17

thanks for ur analysis dr danno

absent 11-09-2016 22:18

That, or Occam's Razor which is that Schumer is a **** and jews hate White people categorically.

Gouge 11-09-2016 22:23

bonepuppet 11-09-2016 22:25

because a trump win is truly glorious and now we are free

-SS- 11-09-2016 22:31

That reminds me:

Set a goal of how many of these grief stricken democrat women you can **** before they start to get back to normal. Clock started last night.


Got Haggis? 11-09-2016 22:33



Captain Tele 11-09-2016 22:36


Originally Posted by Hellsfury (Post 18670800)
Thanks Broward County!


and 65k felons in Virginia

a state they still just barely won

despite 3rd and 4th party candidates against Trump

NightTrain 11-09-2016 22:48


Originally Posted by absent (Post 18671034)
Welcher list:
  • Midge
  • Amy Schumer

Add more as they come in.

JoMo 11-09-2016 22:56

Trump's transition website is up.

President Elect Donald J. Trump

KingSobieski 11-09-2016 23:14

holy **** these people are mental.

if hillary won, then, oooooooooooooooo trumpers need to accept it and get over it.

get a job you filthy hippies

havax 11-09-2016 23:15

they are playing a dangerous game they cannot possibly win

and for what? because the media spread lies to them so much and they believe everything.

so much for peaceful and tolerant liberals. these are animals. very stupid animals.

Huscarl 11-09-2016 23:16

I just wanted to drop in and say that I didn't vote for any of the presidential candidates because they all sucked.

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