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Vir 03-11-2016 21:41

trump gave in, he should have let his supporters bust some heads

JoMo 03-11-2016 21:45

Nah, they would have blamed Trump's supporters....

Now Trump can say that his supporters aren't the violent ones, it's the Bernie supporters and other left wingers.

KingSobieski 03-11-2016 21:45

This will be the night of broken glass.

Mark the doors of the unclean with pig blood.

Doing my good deed and voting for the ol' Bernster on the 15th.

It'll be good to leave the basement for a few mins.

These paint fumes are crazy harsh.

We're starting to gets tons of Bernie commercials.

Lots of grinders and welders and sparks flying everywhere.

Guys wearing wool gloves and got crossed arms.

Tears at my heart strings this old jew bastard.


JoMo 03-11-2016 21:53

Odio 03-11-2016 21:58


Brasstax 03-12-2016 06:20


***8220;Trump represents everything America is not and everything Chicago is not,***8221; said Kamran Siddiqui, 20, a student at the school who was among those celebrating. ***8220;We came in here and we wanted to shut this down. Because this is a great city and we don***8217;t want freedom or reality in our #safespace***8221;

DocHolliday 03-12-2016 11:42

We don't want freedom? Huh? Is that a partial quote? If not murder that ****.

Haha irony.

Flipp 03-12-2016 11:43

trump gained 10 pts overnite lool :king:
mainstream media attention all weekend for free thanks 2 ******s :jester:

JoMo 03-12-2016 11:50

Got my first Trump robocall just now from Ivanka Trump. *fap fap fap*

Bernie ads play all the time, a Hillary ad or two sprinkled around and Ted Cruz ads... which are stupid, because they says Donald Trump wants illegals to take our jobs......

JoMo 03-12-2016 12:01

His rally in Dayton, OH is CRAZZZZZZZZY wild!

Flipp 03-12-2016 12:02

such a brilliant man :king:

Skipperlipicus 03-12-2016 12:32


JoMo 03-12-2016 12:49

WOW< Secret Service just had to protect Trump!!

JoMo 03-12-2016 12:52

Flipp 03-12-2016 12:55

sum idiot got ownt :lol: :king:

JoMo 03-12-2016 12:58

JoMo 03-12-2016 13:06

And here's where it happens, still not sure what it is....

Vir 03-12-2016 13:14

He goes up a point every time he is attacked

JoMo 03-12-2016 13:17

Maybe it was Glen Beck? lol

More than likely Bernie supporters though.

bam 03-12-2016 14:00

Those Bernie supporters sure are violent

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