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Rominucka 01-22-2010 21:45

I have to say that this is a fantastic thread and the Xcursion fight was ok but he really did kind of dick the thread up.

Xcursion, from an outsider's perceptive you come off pretty poorly. Babygirl's bf had you beat on all fronts, but for him there's something about you that holds some weight in his mind.

Good for you Babygirl for being so bold by letting your bf post those pics.
And I seriously hope that you don't intend to pursue a future in politics.

ptavv 01-22-2010 21:46


Flunky 01-22-2010 21:48


Originally Posted by ptavv (Post 15263098)

Littlex 01-22-2010 21:49

Nice thread delivered two times :D

omega81 01-22-2010 21:50

:lol: at the xcursion pic

Rominucka 01-22-2010 21:52


Originally Posted by TheGrudge (Post 15263028)

That's sad.

Originally Posted by Lemon (Post 15263032)
I think you typed the incorrect address into your browser.

I'm sorry guys that my post doesn't stand up to your works of genius.

veorx 01-22-2010 21:52

even though the chick is two steps away from being a stripper/doing amateur porn, and the dude is an ex meth head/dope addict... their shameless attitudes do provide some entertainment for this typically bland forum


Psyclone 01-22-2010 21:53


Whoop 01-22-2010 21:53

well well

euph 01-22-2010 21:53

holy **** this thread gets more and more awesome

I'm going to send my gf a link, maybe she'll catch on

Gringo 01-22-2010 21:55

shes hot, gf agrees. couldnt check this out completely till after work.


Wraithed 01-22-2010 21:56

Holy ****! :rofl:


Thanks Babygirl!

Metropolis 01-22-2010 22:00

was there any more pics

SkivviS 01-22-2010 22:01

wow xcursion is really gay...he looks like he's had a lot of xperience sucking dick

Validuz 01-22-2010 22:05

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Another :bigthumb: to Simo/baby.

Love the xcursion pic. :lol:

Validuz 01-22-2010 22:06


Originally Posted by Metropolis (Post 15263140)
was there any more pics

ass ****ing!! by babygirl1 - Page 26 - TribalWar Forums ?

Metropolis 01-22-2010 22:17

ok..that ass ****ing pic with xcursion drawn around her ******* is the single greatest pic i have ever seen on tw in 9 years. :lol:

babygirl1 01-22-2010 22:20

glad you guys like the pic.. we thought it was quite clever...havent heard anything back from xcursion yet... lmfao.. its still on my ass!!!

and ya the $10 a porn clip were thinking we

Hudson 01-22-2010 22:21

Funny how he's absent now. Bet he comes in here and rages on someone else.

Moss 01-22-2010 22:25


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