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hastie 03-10-2009 20:24


Originally Posted by Ray (Post 14354048)
SexPistol, what do you look like? Post a pic or link or something so we can pick you out of all the other nerds that will be there.

oh and good luck.

here's his profile page
Mark (applesauce)
i'd hit it

Got Haggis? 03-10-2009 21:28

did you mention Tribes at all in the show? I wonder if they will say what your favorite game is on the actual show

telos 03-10-2009 21:31

hell yes the hotel has sci-fi. I can watch now :sunny:

Kerosene31 03-10-2009 21:33

Thanks for the reminder. Hope you represented TeeDub well...

Rho 03-10-2009 22:33

Watch Online tv sports news and entertainment for free at channelsurfing

Stream here. Scroll towards the bottom.

Baby Bew 03-10-2009 22:43

I don't see anything there

Edit: Never mind. The link is called "WCG Ultimate Gamer 10:00PM EST 3/10"

It wants to install some plug-in..

Technetium 03-10-2009 22:51



SexPistol 03-10-2009 22:52

wsup qts!

10 minutes, see you guys tomorrow, probably won't see you guys again tonight

Technetium 03-10-2009 22:58

f u

telos 03-10-2009 23:03

trying to be a good gamer for her daughter? thats strange....

Precept 03-10-2009 23:03

That Alyson ***** has huge ****.

Paladin-5 03-10-2009 23:04

allison has a sweet rack

Paladin-5 03-10-2009 23:07

nice contact lens lol

Got Haggis? 03-10-2009 23:07

the dbag with the colored contacts needs to go

NAT Mav 03-10-2009 23:10


-K-Crypt 03-10-2009 23:11

The donnas suck...thats the best this show could do?

notwasabi 03-10-2009 23:16


Originally Posted by -K-Crypt (Post 14354488)
The donnas suck...thats the best this show could do?

are you really that suprised?

Precept 03-10-2009 23:16


Originally Posted by -K-Crypt (Post 14354488)
The donnas suck...thats the best this show could do?

It's SciFi...

NAT Mav 03-10-2009 23:17

Gonna be interesting. Always fun to see what people can really do compared do what they do in games. Personally, I'd ****ing kill on that show because there's not alot of things I haven't done already IRL.

Mantua 03-10-2009 23:20

jesus **** rockband was a mistake.
and sexpistol doesn't get any screen time. what team is he on?
edit: nvm, "pirates v ninjas" i guess.

NAT Mav 03-10-2009 23:22

He was the dude with the big silver wig.


Precept 03-10-2009 23:23

They need booze in the house.

Technetium 03-10-2009 23:25


CosmicBlend 03-10-2009 23:29

I wish this was on Hulu after

jotun 03-10-2009 23:35

yeah, i wish they would have started with a real gamer game

Rho 03-10-2009 23:40

Bizarro contacts guy is in the bottom!

NAT Mav 03-10-2009 23:42

I like the format.

Bottom ranked person has to face off against the person the top ranked person chooses.

Fool 03-10-2009 23:43

I missed the first 30 minutes. :( Thankfully there are reruns to tivo. The guy with the contacts looks like a loser.

hastie 03-10-2009 23:47


Fool 03-10-2009 23:51

There's way too many women on this show to accurately reflect gamer population.

NAT Mav 03-10-2009 23:52

And they're getting rid of a guy.

Ray 03-10-2009 23:52


Rho 03-10-2009 23:57

"It's time to lay the metal on the floor!"

What the **** does that even mean?

NAT Mav 03-10-2009 23:59

Wow he got slaughtered.

Fool 03-10-2009 23:59


Grand Masta D 03-11-2009 00:02

Those contacts make me want to slap his face. Also if that fat hog nails that kelly girl I will end my life.

consultant 03-11-2009 00:25

smoozie just screwed himself. Please tell me someone steals that asshats contacts!!

Fool 03-11-2009 00:30

I bet the first time he loses the winner puts him up against Contacts.

Wufei 03-11-2009 00:37

Hahaha, that would be ****ing awesome

that swoozie seems like a punk-***** now, taking up that "ALLIANCE"

good stuff sp, from the few clips they showed of the isolation challenge, it looked like you were the only one hitting the notes (on what seemed to be a slow-response HDTV)

mstrike 03-11-2009 01:47

Wow, Athena got old and fat.

I remember when she used to be hot back in the day. Didn't she use to date Ksharp? There were also nudes posted of her on gotfrag - nice rack.

Years ago, my team scrimmed against her "all-star" girl 1.6 team and slaughtered them :lol:.

There are only a couple people on that show who are retarded good. Unfortunately, that gay contact guy is one of them. Why that moron didn't put StarSlay3r up against him is beyond me. Prod1gy X is one of the biggest threats in the house and the dude picks the frat boy to go. That will come back to bite all of you in the ass.

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