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TooSmoothe 04-29-2009 15:01


Originally Posted by SexPistol (Post 14503019)
Start playing like you got a hairy *****!"

is all i noticed

MeSlayer 04-29-2009 15:03

pics of hairy *****

-Timber 04-29-2009 15:15

How long ago was the final show taped? I'm just curious coming from a t.v. background.

slacker 04-29-2009 15:17

im guessing december or early january

Bluntzman 04-29-2009 15:18


Originally Posted by -Timber (Post 14503100)
How long ago was the final show taped? I'm just curious coming from a t.v. background.

Considering the temperature outside in some of the episodes I'd have to say 3-4 months ago.

SkittleBrew 04-29-2009 15:18

Ciji sure was acting like a bitter little whore. She embarrassed herself on national tv. I'm glad SP won just to spite that *****.

GingerBreadMan 04-29-2009 15:30

Didn't get a chance to catch this, but congrats man. The people hatin' on Sci Fi are funny as ****. Once you found your ground on the show you wrecked **** and kept on going.

alienkiller 04-29-2009 15:47


|Blitzkrieg| 04-29-2009 15:49

Congrats Mark, awesome way to end an awesome series!

I wanna see Swoozie and Ditzy McBoobfest return for season 2 :bigthumb:

guard|an 04-29-2009 15:51

Great comeback!

oDDable 04-29-2009 15:59

Yeah the last two episodes have been sooooo tight. Definitely watching the next season!

omega81 04-29-2009 16:05

Just watched it and it was epic. congrats dude.

pZ II Birdy 04-29-2009 16:10

won't be watching it unless another one of you guys is in it next season.

dweeb 04-29-2009 16:10

I'm not really awesome at any one game, but I'm pretty decent at every game I play.

I will be winning season 2. You've seen it here first.

-Bane 04-29-2009 16:18

SP's commentary for finale (didn't see it in thread already): Commentaries | Video | WCG Ultimate Gamer | SCIFI.COM

Also congrats :D

Hellbound_Dart 04-29-2009 16:32

so what kind of cool samsung **** did you win? lucky bastard. Grats

Gibe 04-29-2009 16:37

I think this was the first competitive match of the entire show, and it was probably my fav finale for any reality show cept the joe schmo show.
GJ, and grats!

edit: Did everyone else congratulate you afterwards, or were they still on Rob's dick?

CosmicBlend 04-29-2009 16:39

Great job Mark. Cant stop TW'ers!

BrokenWear 04-29-2009 16:41

Grats mark, i knew you'd win as soon as you announced the final games =P

Jg 04-29-2009 16:49

Good job mark. I have been watching the whole series and really enjoyed it. My gf wanted rob to win. So thank you so much for the come from behind victory.

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