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StapleMammal1 11-07-2016 22:51

I for one do not welcome our new child killing overlord. :sick:

ScooBySnaCk 11-07-2016 22:51

VIDEO: Bill helps staggering Hillary into car - The American MirrorThe American Mirror

aScotiA 11-07-2016 22:57


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18668482)


“Congratulations on a tremendous campaign. You have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and negative media and have come out beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully tomorrow’s elections results will give the opportunity to Make America Great Again. Best wishes for great results tomorrow, Bill Belichick.”
donald couldn't have written that any better himself


[N]PRIME189 11-07-2016 22:59


Originally Posted by coombz (Post 18668431)
yeah man people are freaking the **** out here about the housing market...lots of chinese people, rich investor types and buyers from overseas snapping up all the property and driving prices sky high

yet another situation in my life where I've been undeservedly lucky...we bought our place just a scant few weeks before things started getting really crazy here in Wellington

I vacillate between having sympathy for all my peers and the millennials who are in a **** situation now, and feeling really smug about it :s

td of TW fame must be feeling pretty good too, i remember he said he bought the worst house on the best street in Auckland he could afford a few years ago, i bet he's lookin at a huge increase in how much his place is worth now

you looking at movin' overseas if Killary wins? :roller:

Not really due to Killarey, maybe future state if it keeps getting darker here tho lol.

Seattle is just Asians tho which is cool.

NZ would be the only place outside of the states I would consider tho, love everything I've read.

Already researched the investment path to citizenship lpl

Phyzx 11-07-2016 23:05

Selling your primary residence for profit is all good, but aren't you at that point a rich, homeless guy?

[N]PRIME189 11-07-2016 23:07

Idea would probabaly be sell, rent and wait for housing bubble to crash for coombz or others there

Phyzx 11-07-2016 23:15

Unless you plan on moving or downsizing, thats not extremely attractive.

arsin 11-07-2016 23:16

Fatties, cuks and a populace largely controlled by economic fears leaves America sapless and unable to dream ... normies and STEMs win the day and Hitlery becomes not only the first biatch pres, but the second of a ruling dynastic regimes.

If Trump was half the buffoon, narcistic small time prick, he would of won the election, the political satire business would receive a needed boost, and another failz Presidency leaves Americans with a stick up their ass.

p.s I hope the TRUMP wins.

[N]PRIME189 11-07-2016 23:17

Depends on how life changing the cash out could be, an extra 400k for some could mean everything or nothing

TAA WAR 11-07-2016 23:39
60K watching

JoMo 11-08-2016 00:09

Dixville Notch, NH has voted......... They went for Bernie and Kaisch I think back in the primaries......

4... Clinton/Kaine
2... Trump/Pence
1... Johnson/Weld

1 write in for "Mitt".. assuming Romney.

aScotiA 11-08-2016 00:14

watch Trump win in a race decided by NH after lying about Brady/Belichick, with the results going to a deadlocked 4-4 supreme court thereby giving him the presidency

you heard it here first

JoMo 11-08-2016 00:22

Trump wins Millsfield, 16-4, Sanders gets a write in

JoMo 11-08-2016 00:29

Harts Location:
Clinton 17
Trump 14

With all the early voting out of the way in NH......

Trump 32
Clinton 25

Reggs 11-08-2016 00:31

Trump is coming on now:

LIVE Stream: Donald Trumps Final Rally: Grand Rapids, MI 11/7/16 - YouTube

Synth 11-08-2016 00:43

dude how ****faced is he right now?

Gouge 11-08-2016 00:43

Gouge 11-08-2016 01:09

havax 11-08-2016 01:14



JoMo 11-08-2016 02:14

Heil Hillary. I'm with Herr

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