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bam 05-10-2016 20:19

I legit think this dude will bomb some ****

JuggerNaught 05-10-2016 20:49

Cruz donor James Simons, who donated over a million dollars to Ted’s failed campaign, has begun pouring millions into Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Bush family donors are also donating to Hillary Clinton – the only establishment candidate left in the race.
The Observer reported:

Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund founded by billionaire James Simons, donated over $13 million to Sen. Ted Cruz’s failed presidential campaign. For a guy who’s supposed to be pretty smart with his money, the ROI on that one has got to sting. Nevertheless, now that Mr. Cruz is out of the race, Mr. Simons has begun pouring millions of dollars into Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, with Renaissance Technologies donating over $2 million to Ms. Clinton so far this election cycle. Euclidean Capital—also owned by Mr. Simons—has given the Clinton campaign over $7 million in contributions, and such figures are likely to increase as Ms. Clinton slowly transitions her attention from Democratic Primary opponent Bernie Sanders to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Mr. Simons isn’t the only wealthy donor making the move. A number of deep-pocketed elite have given up trying to buy off Republican politicians in order to support Ms. Clinton—the only establishment-friendly candidate of either party remaining in the race. In response, the Clinton campaign has assembled a group dubbed “Republicans for Hillary” to reach wealthy GOP donors. Ms Clinton not only shares over 60 of the same donors with the former Republican candidate Jeb Bush but is also making new efforts to court additional Bush family donors, according to a recent Politico report.

Veniggs 05-10-2016 21:00

the moderate independent free thinkers across the internet are so proud of the super rich turning on trump and giving their hard-earned money to our savior hillary.

she'll do so much good for america and the world and won't act in the interests of herself and her donors. trump is a selfish racist. yep she'll be great

KingSobieski 05-10-2016 21:03

Yes, but only if she doesn't get emulsified in a 2000 degree blast.

Vanster 05-10-2016 23:05


A national poll reveals that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is viewed less favorably than lice, root canals, hipsters, jury duty, the DMV and even Nickelback.

The poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows that Trump is losing to lice by 26 points. In fairness to Trump, lice has an approval rating above 50 percent
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported the poll’s results last night, assuring viewers that it was “real” and not a late April Fool’s joke.

“To be fair, Mr. Trump only loses by single digits to some of these. I mean, he’s running pretty close to Nickelback,” Maddow said. “Overall, this is a list of things you do not really want to be losing to.” Maddow made sure to offer Trump some “good news,” suggesting that he does beat both cockroaches and hemorrhoids.

JoMo 05-10-2016 23:11

When's the Carson vs Bernie debate? Those two should be the winners based on how favorable they are.

TAA WAR 05-10-2016 23:27

Yet Trump keeps on winning and winning.

Togowack 05-10-2016 23:29


Originally Posted by Habakkuk 1:5
"Look at the nations and watch-- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.

DocHolliday 05-10-2016 23:32

Omg he said my days so that must mean soon!

KingSobieski 05-10-2016 23:32

Remind me again, does Canada have a King or a Sultan?

DocHolliday 05-10-2016 23:34

Togowack 05-10-2016 23:41

The bible is multi dimensional. If you had studied it your whole life and lived the past 5 months or so out, you'd know the bible speaks in typeforms that re occur throughout history. Cyrus is typeform for Trump. Actually if you are a computer programmer you would be pretty comfortable with how prophecy has been programmed. It's programmed in classes and class inheritances. Same way DNA/RNA has been laid out...

the fire isn't out yet in Canada


Originally Posted by Hebrews 12:29
for our "God is a consuming fire."

call the Russians for moral support?

SuperTrap 05-10-2016 23:43

The "bible" has been foretelling the end since it was written. Ya freak

Togowack 05-10-2016 23:44

The first prophecy was regarding the end. The end, which is now.

Mercury passes, evil is exposed!!! Hillary like chaff in the wind.

SuperTrap 05-10-2016 23:51

No man knoweth the day nor the hour... Period dude. Signs have been seen since the beginning. If there is a God and you believe the bible then that means all this bull**** is just that bull****. If it is true then it will come like a thief in the night.. as in SURPRISE!

Togowack 05-10-2016 23:53

Of the coming of the Lord. The other days and hours, are known. They were expected to be known when Jesus was born, walked the earth, and entered Jerusalem on a donkey. The people welcomed the king, but of course the rulers of the earth hadn't a clue. Daniels 77 weeks told them how to find this, the Kings of the East somehow figured out and they weren't even Jews, depending on how you do the math it also predicted nation hood for the Jewish state in 1947

Captain Tele 05-10-2016 23:55


Originally Posted by TAA WAR (Post 18570825)
Yet Trump keeps on winning and winning.

As it sits

Donald Trump is viewed less favorably than lice, root canals, hipsters, jury duty, the DMV and even Nickelback.

Yet Donald Trump > Hillary


Togowack 05-10-2016 23:55


Originally Posted by SuperTrap (Post 18570847)
If it is true then it will come like a thief in the night.. as in SURPRISE!

No surprise!!! not with earthquakes, signs in space, trumpets heard in the air and cities appearing in the clouds, make no mistake, only a few terrible signs remain.

SuperTrap 05-10-2016 23:57

The only sign that you "could" use to guess the rapture would be when the nations turn against Israel

Togowack 05-11-2016 00:00

I wouldn't try guess the rapture, except for exactly what Jesus said.

As for turning against Israel, we are there. However, Jesus prophecy in Matthew, IMO, does not match present day. I believe it would best match a Trump presidency.

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