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Vir 03-15-2016 21:28

Poor Rubio

JoMo 03-15-2016 21:31

Liddle Marco

[N]PRIME189 03-15-2016 21:32

Trump trump trump

Fool 03-15-2016 21:41

I'm starting to think that if the Left loses this election it truly will be the media's fault. Cruz and Rubio were never serious contenders, no matter what the republican establishment says. Most people outside of that group had never heard of either, and both were transparently chosen because "hispanic males are the future of the party." It allowed a person like Trump, whom everyone knows about, to rise to the top easily.

Countering that the media has spent too much time focusing praise on candidate who was literally out of the race months ago in Bernie Sanders. Their hands are virtually tied, however. I mean what can they do? Report on how the Democratic primaries were won by Hillary Clinton before they began and risk disenfranchising massive amounts of young voters who are the future of their party? Risk upsetting a group who 16 years complained about winning the popular vote but losing the presidency and possibly seeing that happen within their own party? So they promote Bernie, a socialist who says white people don't know what it's like to be poor, complain about Trump's xenophobia, and wonder why Trump keeps gaining momentum? The Democrats should've axed Bernie 6 months ago if they wanted a clean sweep easy election.

[N]PRIME189 03-15-2016 21:43

Don't forget most of bernies policies require vigorous immigration control as well he just wasn't nt vocal about that part of his solutions

samUwell 03-15-2016 21:58

Any of you seen the Reason's, 'Super Degalgates' videos about the Emo party? Its been floating around FB and its pretty funny.

Flipp 03-15-2016 22:23


Originally Posted by [N]PRIME189 (Post 18541866)
Trump trump trump

Brasstax 03-15-2016 22:32

I think the plan for Bernie all along was to distract from Hillary and then have him drop out of the race so she will pick up his supporters. I think Hillary knew this and Bernie may have known this but didn't care. They may not be BFFs but there is mutual admiration between the two.

Fool 03-15-2016 22:36

I just think that they underestimated the number of anti-socialist people they stirred up. Granted there's still a lot of time for the momentum to die down, but in the process you whipped up the opposition, and disenfranchised your largest growing voter block in the process.

JoMo 03-15-2016 22:37

Bernie will probably be Hillary's VP? You get the young + old vote that way.

Goshin 03-15-2016 22:39

Hillary is going to jail tho so let's go Bernie

Brasstax 03-15-2016 22:40

I have this horrible, horrible dread of Hillary being president. This cannot happen. I am so sick of her, Obama, the Bush's, etc.

JoMo 03-15-2016 22:42

Trump called in FL, NC, IL and some islands nobody has ever heard of.

MO too close to call.

Fool 03-15-2016 22:43


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18541900)
Bernie will probably be Hillary's VP? You get the young + old vote that way.

Not a chance in hell that happens. Of course I thought the same thing about a Trump nomination so what the **** do I know.

Dangerdoggie 03-15-2016 23:01

Hillary will pick Bill to be her VP, I saw it in an episode of House of Cards.

Goshin 03-15-2016 23:11

That'd be weird

There's probably nothing against it in the rules tho

Reggs 03-15-2016 23:15

That would work out. Everyone likes Bill Clinton.

TF_Grungir 03-15-2016 23:16

He can't be president again... So if something happened to Hillary, the speaker would be president.

Detox.enD 03-15-2016 23:29

there's a whole group of people in this country that are sick of watching corporations get rich shipping their work overseas, making the people there much better off, while the people here can't find work to replace the job they lost.

the typical political answer is: get a college education, here's some handouts. they want neither, they want their factory job that paid well enough for them.

the GOP has completely misunderstood this from the start. The left is writing it off as racist white trash america. will make november interesting.

StapleMammal1 03-15-2016 23:36


Originally Posted by Goshin (Post 18541901)
Hillary is going to jail tho so let's go Bernie

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