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Got Haggis? 07-05-2016 11:20

No charges appropriate for Hillary Clinton email "problem"
FBI just announced it would not be appropriate to bring charges against her for the email stuff, HOWEVER she had extremely poor judgement regarding sending email (or something along those lines).

I think its pretty obvious she has no clue how email works.

"extremely careless" were the words used

Father Ruckus 07-05-2016 11:23

The fix was in for a while.

SuicideSnowman 07-05-2016 11:23

Come on Russia don't disappoint us. Release those e-mails. Expose the corruption that the FBI is now taking a part of.

NightTrain 07-05-2016 11:24

Putin wouldnt release them just hold them over her head for her entire presidency.

Lord Elessar 07-05-2016 11:26

Good job security move by the FBI.

Fool 07-05-2016 11:26

Can't say I'm surprised. My favorite part was the admittance that were it anyone else they would've been prosecuted. The fix is in, welcome to total government corruption.

burtrennalds 07-05-2016 11:30


houston 07-05-2016 11:30

You son of a ***** haggis, your thread is 2 minutes older than mine

this is OFN

havax 07-05-2016 11:31

yep, just as i thought.

past the corruption point of no return.

ggs america. was fun while it lasted.

see you on the front lines.

MadHatSam 07-05-2016 11:34

The rich and powerful have always been playing by a different set of rules. I can't believe anyone really thought she would face any charges.

buize 07-05-2016 11:36

"Nobody else is allowed to do this, you will be prosecuted. However in this case nobody is going to be prosecuted."

Fool 07-05-2016 11:37

It's honestly more about the obvious way it transpired. The DOJ would never prosecute, no matter what the recommendation was. Lynch could say otherwise, but the meeting with Bill, her initial appointment by Bill, her future SC appointment by Hillary screamed that she wouldn't. In order to save face by the DOJ, the FBI has to be the ones who take the hit. Most are low level bureaucrats whose names will be forgotten in a few months, and who will have shiny new positions by next year. The the confirmation bias will flood through the people. Those who know Hillary is a corrupt ***** will be certain now. Those who think Hillary is an innocent woman being targeted by vicious misogyny will say "see who cares about emails?" like the morons they are.

slush 07-05-2016 11:37

Agree wit buize

slush 07-05-2016 11:43

i can say whatever i ****ing want *******

skizz 07-05-2016 11:51

First Kevin Durant, now this!!!!!! What is wrong with this **** world.

Fool 07-05-2016 11:53

I suppose it's true that the DOJ can prosecute anyway, Comey basically threw it all on them at the end of his speech, pointing out that people have suffered security sanctions for lesser infractions. She exercised gross negligence but we don't think she meant to be incompetent. Lynch will still use the recommendation as an out, but it'll come down hard on the DOJ.

slush 07-05-2016 11:54

can ur post be any longer ffs!!

HumDumpin 07-05-2016 11:56


I Triggered a State Department Leak More Serious Than Hillary Clinton’s...

In February 1987, at the height of the Cold War, a top official at State caused a leak of extremely sensitive material, classified above top secret. It was distributed far and wide—to nearly every country in the world. And for that serious information breach—much worse than anything Clinton is accused of—he received nothing more than a letter warning him to be more circumspect in the future.
One month later, after much internal deliberation within Foggy Bottom, Spiers got his punishment: “Spokesman Charles E. Redman said the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security will issue a letter to Ronald Spiers, undersecretary of state for management, advising him to exercise more caution in the future,” the AP reported. Redman called the incident “an infraction.” Importantly, he also said that a State Department analysis had concluded that none of the type could be read, even with advanced equipment—and thus no harm had been done. The bureau is under the jurisdiction of the undersecretary, and the press noted the irony of, in effect, Spiers’ sending the letter to himself, as both chief security officer and the department’s foremost security miscreant.

Thirty years later, you’d never know that Clinton’s violation was less serious than Spiers’. The media coverage is more insistent; government officials are more concerned. The departmental inspector general has chimed in critically, and the FBI and the Department of Justice have been brought into the case. And yet, look closer at the facts, and you will see there’s no evidence that Clinton’s email scandal constituted an information leak at all. None of the emails she sent or received contained material that was classified at the time, and there’s no evidence that anybody but the intended recipients ever read them.
Yes, Clinton violated a government record-keeping policy and showed poor judgment—but, as in the case of Spiers’ carelessness in the face of much higher stakes, there’s no evidence that national security was jeopardized because of Clinton’s actions. If Spiers wasn’t criminally prosecuted for his worse “infraction,” why would Hillary Clinton be prosecuted for hers?

Read more: I Triggered a State Department Leak More Serious Than Hillary Clintons - POLITICO Magazine
Follow us: @politico on Twitter | Politico on Facebook

Stealth 07-05-2016 11:56

Hey guys we won't prosecute Hillary, but if you do what she did, you will be facing charges.


Fool 07-05-2016 11:59

You're comparing redacted hard copies sent in the 80s to unsecured emails in 2015?

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