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spockhammer 08-01-2013 13:14

drug abuse resistance education - tpk u r manic get help
fool wat is the deal with ur brother

do u guys just not care about his marijuana educed psychosis/mania or r u guys coping and trying to lie low hoping he doesnt go as nuts in GD as he does in tt

dood is more fuked than i was after jail + tripping hard drugs daily for months, off a joint

spockhammer 08-01-2013 13:17

Tribes 1.41 Summer Tournament by The Morning Star - Page 12 - TribalWar Forums

4 reference

but every tpk post is like this

T-Refried-455 08-01-2013 13:18

imagine if arsin made posts that long

Al'Muktar 08-01-2013 13:18


Congrats, you are now the first person to neg rep me in a year.

It's been so long since I've seen one of dose red thingies I got excited enough to write you a thank you letter.

Though I don't really know who you are, thank you for your super cereal care factor comment addressed to me about my intelligence level.

I could already tell that you were far more intelligent than me from reading your posts about lifting heavy objects, but I appreciate you writing me to make sure I knew.

I will try to work on becoming smarter like you. I send you my apologies.

I really look up to you man.





Kill-Switch 08-01-2013 13:19

wow thats a p long post

dibs 08-01-2013 13:19


Originally Posted by The Pumpkin King (Post 17768049)

'bout to go on an amazing life journey friends...

If you ever feeling down, just remember...

TPK lubs j00 all 4 cereal.

You are my Tribes buddies and I'm grateful for all the good times we've had together in game and on the forums.

I hope nothing but awesome things come your way.

Tribes is eternal.

*gallops off into the sunset*

spockhammer 08-01-2013 13:19

i wuld like fool's official statement on tpk then idc if he deletes the thread r watever

Ztir 08-01-2013 13:19

tpk sperg king

dibs 08-01-2013 13:20

is arsin tpk's kid

fool tell us the truth

spockhammer 08-01-2013 13:20

mania + aspergers is hell of combo

Ronnie Dobbs 08-01-2013 13:21

itt i learned fool is related to tt guy

~dickschnitzel~ 08-01-2013 13:21

tpk untouchable make nerd virgins mad lmao

dibs 08-01-2013 13:21

falhawk pls post so we can see the gr8est tpk quote ever in ur sig

Ronnie Dobbs 08-01-2013 13:22

falhawk too busy having sex

spockhammer 08-01-2013 13:22


Originally Posted by D4M45T3R 0FM41N (Post 17782160)
tpk untouchable make nerd virgins mad lmao

arent u like 16

Jahoda Duck 08-01-2013 13:24

You missed ur chance to get a piece of the pumpkin pie...

Al'Muktar 08-01-2013 13:27

srsly tho on some level he has to realise that he is ****ing bizarre

i kno he is probably irreparably ****ed in the head but there must be some remnant of self-awareness in him

spockhammer 08-01-2013 13:27

he thinks he is trolling

Ztir 08-01-2013 13:29

he thinks he is winning arguments

i dunno how u can have such crazy pride over a game thats been dead for 10+ years

dibs 08-01-2013 13:32

bc thats the only thing he has to be proud of?

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