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Togowack 11-09-2016 21:51


Originally Posted by Eggi (Post 18671013)
aggregate polls in swing states were about 2% off, but that was enough to make several 'safe states' in play

democrat turnout was way down from 2008 & 2012, republican turnout was only marginally down from 2012

Thank the church, not polls.

Veniggs 11-09-2016 22:01

amy schumer has a tramp stamp lmao

cael 11-09-2016 22:03

amu schumer can stay in my bunker anytime :brows:

absent 11-09-2016 22:05

Welcher list:
  • Midge
  • Amy Schumer

Add more as they come in.

Greedo909 11-09-2016 22:06

from 2010:

Veniggs 11-09-2016 22:07

"my heart breaks"

"im in tears"

how do they react when something truly awful happens to them? or is this amy's and every other commies' privilege talking?

Pagy 11-09-2016 22:08

miss piggy schumer gets fingered by some random old taxi driver then wants to educate us all on the intricacies of government

-SS- 11-09-2016 22:09


notice these are the same people who scream racism...

while promising to run to a white country instead of Mexico

Gouge 11-09-2016 22:12

Danno 11-09-2016 22:16

I assume with Amy, like it is with most of Hollywood is that they get stuck in a very strict network of producers/celebrities and if you don't drink the kool-aid you might lose gigs that make you $5-20 million a movie.

Being part of the "in crowd" is a very intoxicating experience and the threat of losing that makes them go ballistic.

cael 11-09-2016 22:17

thanks for ur analysis dr danno

absent 11-09-2016 22:18

That, or Occam's Razor which is that Schumer is a **** and jews hate White people categorically.

Gouge 11-09-2016 22:23

bonepuppet 11-09-2016 22:25

because a trump win is truly glorious and now we are free

-SS- 11-09-2016 22:31

That reminds me:

Set a goal of how many of these grief stricken democrat women you can **** before they start to get back to normal. Clock started last night.


Got Haggis? 11-09-2016 22:33



Captain Tele 11-09-2016 22:36


Originally Posted by Hellsfury (Post 18670800)
Thanks Broward County!


and 65k felons in Virginia

a state they still just barely won

despite 3rd and 4th party candidates against Trump

NightTrain 11-09-2016 22:48


Originally Posted by absent (Post 18671034)
Welcher list:
  • Midge
  • Amy Schumer

Add more as they come in.

JoMo 11-09-2016 22:56

Trump's transition website is up.

President Elect Donald J. Trump

KingSobieski 11-09-2016 23:14

holy **** these people are mental.

if hillary won, then, oooooooooooooooo trumpers need to accept it and get over it.

get a job you filthy hippies

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