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JoMo 05-13-2011 14:36

Oh look, worse than expected.....

At Japan Reactor, Damage Worse Than Feared -

Voxx 05-13-2011 14:41

Is this still happening?

Walking_Man 05-13-2011 14:42

for jomo this will always be happening

in between weather reports anyway

DropSquad 05-13-2011 14:43

no its not. Joblo just likes to blowjo

NightTrain 05-13-2011 14:46

Don't ****ing leave my circus tent on the bottom of the page.

Hopefully this guy is en route ASAP.


Originally Posted by NightTrain (Post 16410493)
TEPCO: Putting the **** You in Fukushima.

"Giant polyester covers will soon be placed around the damaged reactor buildings at Japan's Fukushima nuclear complex to help contain the release of radioactive substances into the atmosphere, the plant operator said Friday. Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) will install the first cover at the No. 1 reactor, the focus of recent stabilization efforts, starting next month."

"Workers will erect a steel framework and place a giant polyester tent-like cover around the reactor building. Similar covers will be placed around units No. 3 and 4. The work is expected to be completed by the end of the year."

Here ya go:

Dresden 05-13-2011 14:49

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised that onld infomation people are talking about is finally being admitted by offical sources.

It's how they get away with it evbery time and every major event. Media supports the way they cover up the events. COUGHGULFMEXICOCOUGH

JoMo 05-16-2011 17:05

TEPCO admits nuclear meltdown occurred at Fukushima reactor 16 hours after quake - The Mainichi Daily News

Rayn 05-16-2011 17:08

still don't care.

Dangerdoggie 05-16-2011 17:37

Radiation Levels Higher Than Chernobyl Evacuation Limits Span Over 800 KM in Japan | Alexander Higgins Blog

Plutonium detected in rice paddy by a food manufacturer more than 50 kms away from Fukushima power plant:

Physics Forums - View Single Post - The "more political thread" besides "Japan Earthquake: nuclear plants" scientific one

Guess I won't be eating any Japanese rice for at least a few thousand years.

DropSquad 05-16-2011 17:50


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 16418587)
still don't care.

Goshin 05-16-2011 18:06

Radiation is good for you

jonb 05-17-2011 03:07


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 16418587)
still don't care.


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