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Redneck90 10-15-2020 20:17

Buy an Instapot
Bought one over a year ago and have just recently started using it. I kick myself for not using it earlier. Amazing device and way too easy to use. Cant cook? Not to worry, follow some simple instructions and you can have chilli that tastes like its been simmering all day or a pot roast that just falls apart when encountering a fork.

(noticed there hasnt been a post in hear since '19, thought I'd throw something in here)

Odio 10-17-2020 04:39

They are GREAT! I love my 8 QT. Makes hella yogurt.

Skipperlipicus 10-17-2020 16:43

you stingy instant pot whores. link the recipes you've had success with instead of just saying it makes great chili or yogurt.

kirasmart 01-14-2021 06:05

Tonight I had guests and ended up making two types of ravioli: pear and ricotta with a very light rosemary-infused cream sauce, and meat (ground chicken thighs, pancetta and proscuitto) which was supposed to be sauced with marinara. I say "supposed to be" because by the time I served the ravioli I had had several glasses of wine and I confused the meat-filled and the pear-filled ravioli, so I served the meat ones with the cream sauce. I have really great ravioli maker , so it's easy to cook dish from now

Zomnivore 03-07-2021 18:06

My mom has an instant pot but I haven't read the user manual and I don't want to die to a pressure cooker explosion.

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