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cael 01-28-2021 15:22

i thought it was hilarious when tarrio was arrested the day before jan 6th so he couldn't participate but now we know why they took him out lol

gotta keep the ci clean

tarrio at every proud boys meeting

lemon 01-28-2021 15:28

r u drinking again muk

havax 01-28-2021 16:03


Originally Posted by Al'Muktar (Post 19293059)
are you kidding?

that's some real ****in wearin right there

wish I was still that thin but im still that badass wanna fite

you literally have no muscle mass at all in that picture. your arms are like noodles. and that shirt is so ******y i can't even. and now you're fat with muscle-less noodle arms? sure bro, let's fite.

Al'Muktar 01-28-2021 16:06

more a case of

havax 01-28-2021 16:09

well you ****ing should

cael 01-28-2021 16:19

u gotta watch out for the noodle arms they're most likely to start punchin nazis

LawnDart 01-28-2021 16:26

career poster cael puttin in the screech hours.

cael 01-28-2021 16:27

i made my career in this thread

lemon 01-28-2021 16:28

we need a q-cuck update from the q-berts

samUwell 01-28-2021 16:30


Originally Posted by lemontw (Post 19293084)
we need a q-cuck update from the q-berts

capital hill jack booted thug commits suicide, left tries to blame it on trump.

LawnDart 01-28-2021 16:30

cluck-berts would be better

T-Dawg 01-28-2021 16:32

I read this thread while pooping every day

I have never been so regular

cael 01-28-2021 16:33

q update:

joe biden will NEVER be president, the storm is coming march 4th

we're finally gonna stop the steal this time guys

cael 01-28-2021 16:38

SeVeReD 01-28-2021 18:10

Our Way Through the SWAP

HumDumpin 01-28-2021 18:48


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19293091)


SeVeReD 01-28-2021 21:47

There was no other way to stop her.
That was the reason for the shooting.

Try to find an image of the dc police shooting her
She won't even get a bike rack

Kiint 01-28-2021 22:12

Next time, don't try to go on a witch hunt to murder politicians and you won't get shot.


lemon 01-28-2021 22:14

pink pony pillow politics

Kiint 01-28-2021 22:16

Middle aged men in lycra enjoy getting their taints pounded.

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