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Reggs 11-13-2016 16:12


Originally Posted by Veniggs (Post 18673639)
the alt left is truly despicable...

No, that's mainstream left because the left establishment is silent about it and does absolutely nothing to combat it. The so called "alt-right" has been actively bashing, belittling, and degrading the right establishment ever since day 1.

Huge difference.

Esteban_Villa 11-13-2016 16:14

Guardian is my favorite paper. Good format and a lot of indepth ****. They also pay a **** ton of feminists to get crazy and it's great to see the headlines. Never click, that's how they make money. Take the money you make from me on your live blogs and the like and spend it how you want, it serves to reinforce my beliefs in a way not intended.

JoMo 11-13-2016 16:48

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, David Clarke May Be Leading Department of Homeland Security

Brasstax 11-13-2016 16:48

**** posting on page 1234 because 1234

SuperTrap 11-13-2016 16:55


Zulu 11-13-2016 16:55

1 2 3 4 who's that **** poster at my door?

blackpeople 11-13-2016 16:57


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18673663)
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, David Clarke May Be Leading Department of Homeland Security


SuperTrap 11-13-2016 16:58

5 6 7 8 let's use some trigger bait

JoMo 11-13-2016 16:58

Rinsed Penis is going to be Chief of Staff. Announcement expected today.

Zulu 11-13-2016 17:02

9 10 11 12'a lets go grab them by the vulva

JoMo 11-13-2016 17:21

Steve Bannon (Breitbart CEO) will be "Special counsel to the President"

Makes me wonder what Kellyanne is gonna do.

SuperTrap 11-13-2016 17:22

ball washer

DocHolliday 11-13-2016 17:39

SuperTrap 11-13-2016 17:57

Zulu 11-13-2016 18:06

Trump vows to deport 2-3 million once in office in 60 minutes interview

Looks like we are going to shatter some records!

:wave: democratic base :wave:


DocHolliday 11-13-2016 18:07

How do you have more returns than removals? They left on their own than came back?

JoMo 11-13-2016 18:09

WWE in the White House ya'll!

"Sources close to Linda McMahon and President-elect Trump's transition team confirm the former Senate candidate is one name under consideration to become Secretary of Commerce in the new Trump administration."

cogzinofa 11-13-2016 18:11

Those protestors ought to be protesting the Democratic party. It's not humiliated males, racism, the FBI, or whatever that caused Hillary to lose.

Hillary caused Hillary to lose. Rigging the Democratic primary caused Hillary to lose.

Running a ****ty candidate that everyone has hated for the past 20 years caused Hillary to lose.

I apologize for my people.

Odio 11-13-2016 18:13

cogzinofa 11-13-2016 18:14

Mm. Got that wrong.

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