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JoMo 11-13-2016 12:36

This should make some cities burn. (he's only talking about the violent criminal illegals though, but they will make this the headline to scare everyone)

"US President-elect Donald Trump says he plans to immediately deport approximately 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants - CBS News"

KingSobieski 11-13-2016 12:39

it won't be long until Germany takes a clue from the UK and USA and Russia and decides to yank its country back from the clutches of the migrant influx.

the situation that Germany is in is 100x worse than the USA and the corrective action will likewise be a 100x worse. We aren't just talking about whiny SJWs in Portland that care about something for a few days and then return to their lattes and yogas - it'll be a violent insurrection necessitating widespread genocide and brutality. Like ripping a band-aide as it were. The cancer needs to be excised. Globalists are shaking in their boots, the USA has broken free from its chains and is once again free to pursue its own best interests and policies bereft of outside influence. The world will take notice and nationalists revolutions will shortly follow.

Nash 11-13-2016 12:41

Never going to happen because of.. you know.. "that guy" from a couple years back.
Self hate is a powerful tool.

slogg 11-13-2016 13:42


Originally Posted by Zulu (Post 18673492)

“They want to drain the swamp, and having Christie there is just plugging it up,” the source said. “He was tolerated in the past because he was viewed as a kind of nice Tony Soprano. But now that Trump is the president-elect those days are over.”
Drain the swamp!

meanwhile Newt is just fine to have around #watSwamp

Odio 11-13-2016 14:18

Le Pen says Trump victory boosts her chances for presidency, likens NF to UKIP — RT News

Flyin' off the rails with the gravy traiiiin!

Run and hide muzzie scum. Your day is coming.

Captain Tele 11-13-2016 14:21

don't worry nash it is going to come back around soon

#frexit next

Germany getting real heated in the streets lately

germany as the engine of EU will be #grand grexit

it is now global phenomenon ...... prestige worldwide

Captain Tele 11-13-2016 14:46

Buzzfeed and Wiglaf presents: Sunday's special salt mining and fresh SJW tears

everything is going to be ok folks


Originally Posted by tripler6
Good: Trump might push for colonizing mars.
Bad: We will need to colonize mars because of Trump.


Originally Posted by tripler6
The protests are happening because half the country feels disenfranchised.
The government at this point does not reflect the populace. We have a 50/50 split in population between liberal/conservative, so you'd expect a good 50/50 mix in our government, but the reality is our government is extremely one-sided at the moment. Every branch of government is red. There are no checks to republican power. None. There are opposition lawmakers, of course, but they can be legally ignored.
Protesting, while not ideal, is their last resort to being heard.
Keep in mind - they won the popular vote. Barely. And in return, they got completely thrown out of government.
You'd be pissed, too.

get me a pitcher folks....this is still good to the last drop

oh and why not get Icfire up in this action


Curmudgeon543 pts4h
Let me make this clear: #notmypresident #notmycountry #notmyconstitution -this GOP are fascist and work against our Constitution and people

Curmudgeon541 pt13h
They voted for fascism, that is what this GOP brings in truckloads. Pay attention to their legislative efforts.

Curmudgeon54-2 pts1d
his GOP and Trump are incapable of making anything great.

lemon 11-13-2016 14:57

that's icfire

Captain Tele 11-13-2016 14:59

extra daily dosage of icfire....


Curmudgeon542 pts3d
I spit on Trump and his mentally challenged supporters and the brain dead Sanders or bust folks as well who can't think past their ego.

I think we just had an election that taught us otherwise. This was not a vote for the children, it was a vote for human extinction.

Curmudgeon540 pts3d
I'm angry for the rejection of our Constitutional way of life this GOP election represents.

Curmudgeon541 pt3d
**** Trump and the morons that voted for this fascist train wreck.

Curmudgeon540 pts3d
The vote of the moronic right who bring little to the table that our Constitution actually abides by.

Curmudgeon541 pt5d
I'd consider this move were I younger and Trump/GOP were to win this election. Don't think US would come out of it better off in any aspect.
always worried about them kids, the constitution, the law, and doing what is right over immediately self gratifying

that's ICFIRE

hear he is going to open up a podesta pizzaria chain real soon

SuperTrap 11-13-2016 15:10

All these protesters... I wonder how many of them actually voted?

Captain Tele 11-13-2016 15:11

as many as have jobs is my guess

SuperTrap 11-13-2016 15:13

sooo none?

Fool 11-13-2016 15:27

Merkel is next

Fool 11-13-2016 15:38

Captain Tele 11-13-2016 15:43

got to love the guardian


S. Wes Moss ***8207;@ShaunWesleyWyrd 2h2 hours ago
ironically humiliated, emasculated white men are the largest demographic that identify as being liberal
Guardian journalist sparks fury after calling for Donald Trump***8217;s assassination over Twitter

guardian tower and tabloid of house of cuck and shield

Veniggs 11-13-2016 15:48

the alt left is truly despicable...

Reggs 11-13-2016 16:07


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18673467)

Smart move. Good for him.

Reggs 11-13-2016 16:10


Originally Posted by Esteban_Villa (Post 18673497)
I always found it incongruent that Trump had Christie in his camp. I liked him as a realist, bridging rural and urban NJ and having the audacity to hug obama.

But the dude played political games and lost. Maybe it was his staffers, but odds are no and the culture permeates from the top. It's his responsibility in the end.

I figured he would be axed but after another gaffe due to bridge gate being a known commodity coming in.

Having Christie onboard was a good move at the time. Trump needed other republicans to see someone high profile bend the knee and fall in line. At the time when Christie gave the speech of support with Trump looming behind him, it really kind of killed any hope any other republicans had of Rubio or Cruz surging again.

slogg 11-13-2016 16:11


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18673636)

looks like they learned a lot from this election

quick back into the echo chamber

Captain Tele 11-13-2016 16:11

if he can find a toilet big enough to flush chris christie he should

can't drain the swamp with marshmallow monster floating around in it

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