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MC Hamster 03-13-2011 22:12


Originally Posted by K-Rex (Post 16272064)
They're just sleeping.

pining for the fjords.

JoMo 03-13-2011 22:15

All headlines | Kyodo News

BREAKING NEWS: TV footage showing smoke rising from Fukushima nuke plant (11:12)

triple 03-13-2011 22:15


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 16272065)
REAKING NEWS: Tsunami feared to reach Pacific coast in northeastern Japan in minutes (11:08)

BREAKING NEWS: Evacuation order issued in Hachinohe

what, why? was there another quake?

Koala Bear 03-13-2011 22:16

I r confused. Web site bug? Recycling old breaking news?

MC Hamster 03-13-2011 22:17


Originally Posted by triple (Post 16272075)
what, why? was there another quake?

ever heard the term "aftershock"?

triple 03-13-2011 22:18


Originally Posted by MC Hamster (Post 16272077)
ever heard the term "aftershock"?

yea but a 6.* isn't going to produce another huge tsunami, right?

if that were the case they'd be evacuating every 5 seconds

K-Rex 03-13-2011 22:18


Gow 03-13-2011 22:19


Originally Posted by triple (Post 16272017)
yea, no big deal. this isn't going to be a danger to the environment or populace like chernobyl was. its not possible. go about your business. nothing to see here.

Trace amounts of Cesium and Iodine from the initial venting I'd imagine.

JoMo 03-13-2011 22:19

NHK reporting.....
5 meter change of sea level with Tsunami like waves of 3 meters.
Water receding of 2 meters near (Hakidishu)

JoMo 03-13-2011 22:20


Explosion at #3 Reactor with white smoke.

triple 03-13-2011 22:21

totally normal, im sure

JoMo 03-13-2011 22:22

It was probably a hydrogen explosion like what happened at #1 Reactor.

triple 03-13-2011 22:23

reactors explode all the time, in fact it's practically designed that way

or so ive heard

Huscarl 03-13-2011 22:24

I hear that evacuating cities is a perfectly normal occurrence on an average monday morning in Japan.

JoMo 03-13-2011 22:24

BREAKING NEWS: Hydrogen blast occurs at Fukushima nuke plant's No. 3 reactor: agency

BREAKING NEWS: Residents near nuke plants ordered to be inside buildings

Tappy 03-13-2011 22:26


Originally Posted by Gow (Post 16272086)
Trace amounts of Cesium and Iodine from the initial venting I'd imagine.

Instead of using a euphemism like venting, why don't you just say "released into the atmosphere".

Regardless, the real problem isn't the radiation; it's the impending financial meltdown. - Live

Goshin 03-13-2011 22:27

godzilla's a dick

JoMo 03-13-2011 22:29

The explosion looks to be just like the one that happened yesterday.

Koala Bear 03-13-2011 22:29

Japanese meteorological dude saying there is no tsunami detected, now (on NHK)...

whoever 03-13-2011 22:32

you people are like cnn news whores

get a life

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