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Rustie 04-17-2022 16:36

The best WINGS in the world (Honey Sriracha)
Hey you ****ing turds! I've never been part of TW Cooking... but in my older age I have become more of a cooking enthusiast! This is my FAVORITE recipe and if you ******s enjoy I will post some more of my favorites! (Also let me know what threads I should check out) HERE WE GO!

The most important part of this recipe is a VERY SIMPLE sauce. What makes this sauce so special is: It's sticky so it doesn't saturate your wings and cause wet skin, instead it STICKS to the skin and maintains its crispy texture!

SAUCE ingredients:
5 tblsp butter
3-5 garlic cloves
1/2 C Sriracha
1/2 C Honey
1 TBLSP soy sauce
2TSP Lemon Juice

In a small sauce pan put 5 tblsp of butter, saute finely chopped garlic until aromas are released! and then add premixed sriracha, honey, soy sauce, lemon juice. SIMMER until sticky. 5-15mins (it will just get more sticky the longer you simmer) Set aside to cool!

Next we will cook the wings, this is also super simple unless you have a ****ty electric stove that will not maintain a high temperature. If this is the case I suggest you get a propane fryer. Edit: I use peanut oil, the smoke point is high, and it does not transfer flavor. You can fry your French fries in the same pan and even reuse the oil later without lingering flavors in your oil!

Fry the wings at exactly 375F for 10-12 minutes. Time depends on thermodynamics here are some tips:
#1 Let your wings warm up to room temperature, while your wings warm salt them thoroughly to draw moisture from the skin!
#2 DO NOT overload your batches, depending on the HEAT SOURCE you can drop 5-20 wings at a time (electric stove 5 wings, propane fryer 20 wings)
#3 do not let your oil drop below 340 do not let your oil go above 390
(365 TEN MORE DEGREES TO GO, don't get over zealous!)
(Don't be scared of those bubbles, maintain 375 degrees! If you drop below TURN IT UP!!!!!!)
(If you did everything correct you should have a nice brown skin that is crispy as hell)
(use a bowl with a lid and toss your wings with your sauce and enjoy!)

Rustie 04-17-2022 16:45


Originally Posted by Rustie (Post 19450278)
(365 TEN MORE DEGREES TO GO, don't get over zealous!)

YES that is a gas can in the background dangerously close to my fryer... I assure you it is empty! :rolleyes:

hyung 04-20-2022 23:49

looks delicious man

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