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Edofnor 11-12-2016 19:03

roads? where i'm driving we don't have "roads"

Vir 11-12-2016 19:03

Need something better than asphalt concrete

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:03

anybody contesting me on this?

Edofnor 11-12-2016 19:04

i guess i will contest u if nobody else will and u rly want it but idk wat the contest is tbh

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:04

u underestimate roads.

Edofnor 11-12-2016 19:05

no i don't

i overestimate roads

JoMo 11-12-2016 19:06

we don't need roads with the flying cars we are going to have thx to Trump opening up the to secret NSA CIA archives.

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:07


Edofnor 11-12-2016 19:07

i believe roads should be smooth and black, like president barry o

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:08

thats the problem, they arnt

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:08

sometimes i feel like we forgot how to make roads

Edofnor 11-12-2016 19:09

ya, they aren't roads but my state and many others mabe all states have a v generous definition of "road" and so now there r no roads but the government says we have roads tbh this is all so that a handful of baby boomers can get a nicer wet bar @ their vacation homes

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:09

and now they wanna turn diamond lanes into pay lanes
i say enough already.

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:11

time to turn back the clock

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:13

i know nobody wants pay lanes

Edofnor 11-12-2016 19:13

more like gay lanes amirite

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:14

u cant cheat pay lanes

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:14

they got u with video

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:15

its like ****ing britain

beep boop 11-12-2016 19:15

psoon cameras everywhere here too


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