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NightTrain 11-10-2016 22:27

KellyAnne needs to invest in some big fake cans before she can maga for real

havax 11-10-2016 22:30

sexist pig!!!


NightTrain 11-10-2016 22:43

triggered hillary supporters yelling at a building in New York because they lost election

Fool 11-10-2016 22:44

Old lady yells at building

havax 11-10-2016 22:46

o pls o pls o pls

if this happens, this administration already will have the biggest nuts of any administration ever.

Vir 11-10-2016 22:48

If Trey gets AG then Rudy needs to be something special too

-SS- 11-10-2016 22:50


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18671938)

They are dressed in black.

I'm glad they are mourning.


havax 11-10-2016 22:55

then they should kick weasel comey out and put in Sheriff ****ing Joe Clark

that team would absolutely REK

Fool 11-10-2016 22:59

JoMo 11-10-2016 23:00


Originally Posted by Vir (Post 18671993)
If Trey gets AG then Rudy needs to be something special too

Homeland Security

JoMo 11-10-2016 23:02

Christie may have to be Chief of Staff due to Bridgegate.

Gowdy for AG
Rudy for Homeland Security
Flynn for Defense Secretary?
Gotta put sleepy doc carson somewhere. Surgeon General or Health and Human Services?

JoMo 11-10-2016 23:06

A Chinese monkey beat out all the pollster and media creatures...

Trump - the monkey was right!

ScooBySnaCk 11-10-2016 23:07

7 Harsh Realities Of Life Millennials Need To Understand | Zero Hedge

Captain Tele 11-10-2016 23:11

good narratives they construct that they know they don't even believe in

racism is ok against whites, because you can't be racist to white people

those in a position of authority and power have privilege and as such can't be discriminated against

don't jews run the media, movie industry, and banking cabal?

most of ivy league professorships and 20% of senate

despite making up 2.2% of US Population


wait, I thought I could do that with your rules

Captain Tele 11-10-2016 23:25

Captain Tele 11-10-2016 23:28

i'm with her


Fool 11-10-2016 23:30

You'd think statistically that one of these protesters would be attractive, but it's never the case.

havax 11-10-2016 23:35


Originally Posted by Captain Tele (Post 18672016)

as a trump voter, can you imagine how hard it would be NOT to smile in a sea of crying liberal pussies like that?

smiling would be involuntary if you were that close to the river of tears.

Fool 11-10-2016 23:37

Makes you wonder if Obama's approval rating is accurate of if they've been fabricating it

JoMo 11-10-2016 23:42

And we got our first declared Riot in Portland!

Portland Police say anti-Donald Trump protest now considered a riot 'due to extensive criminal and dangerous behavior' - @PortlandPolice

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