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Fool 11-08-2016 21:36

CNN just said Clinton has aids

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 21:37

that's what spirit cooking with semen and blood will do for you

mjoe 11-08-2016 21:38

what are the odds that Hillary's concession speech blames the russians

CERVICAL-KREMS 11-08-2016 21:38

Hillary has aids and "we" need to pick up...i mean clinton needs to pick up...

Fool 11-08-2016 21:39

CNN now criticizing polling industry

Vir 11-08-2016 21:40

you can almost hear them getting on the bandwagon a tiny little bit

MasterGnr 11-08-2016 21:40


Originally Posted by havax (Post 18669233)
broward county election officials are going to prison soon

I didn't know Debbie Wasserman stupid ***** was from Broward county....explains a lot

Stealth 11-08-2016 21:42

CNN officially admitting they have no idea how the **** this is happening.

Paladin-5 11-08-2016 21:43

i'm waiting for my power to go out at any moment

Vir 11-08-2016 21:43

If it starts to swing Trump's way more make sure to turn to msnbc to see some real distress

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 21:44


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 18669272)
CNN now criticizing polling industry

KittyCat 11-08-2016 21:45

I told you all to build the bunkers Obama isn't going to hand this over looks like war with Russia now

Odio 11-08-2016 21:46

Trump @ 271 Electoral College votes.

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 21:47

amRam 11-08-2016 21:47

I bet most of the retards crying about how its possible for Trump to be winning have no idea how the system works, or the fact that California hasn't been factored into any of the results yet :lol:

-SS- 11-08-2016 21:47

tw lefties sure are quiet all of the sudden


MadHatSam 11-08-2016 21:47

Being white upper middle class I should be just fine tomorrow. Might suck to be brown though.

Captain Tele 11-08-2016 21:47

The Magical Zoo 11-08-2016 21:48

I am fascinated at these results so far. Fascinated.

Also, I voted Trump and I don't think CNN's coverage has been bad at all.

havax 11-08-2016 21:49


Originally Posted by MadHatSam (Post 18669287)
Being white upper middle class I should be just fine tomorrow. Might suck to be brown though.

lol whatever

browns have been taken advantage of for votes for 50+ years. they've never helped them before,they weren't going to help them this time either. if anything, it might get better for them.

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