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Glare 04-29-2009 08:25

rock on man

i didnt get to watch but congratulations

Infinite 04-29-2009 08:54

nice dude

AND my lil bro won his tball game

big day

Glare 04-29-2009 08:57

it's a celebration *****es

GriDLoK 04-29-2009 09:03


ResolvE 04-29-2009 09:03

awesome job SP :D

Infinite 04-29-2009 09:04

congratulate my little brother *******

JodoFett 04-29-2009 09:05

I didn't think they even bothered to keep score in TBall.

Surge 04-29-2009 09:06

he just said your little brother didnt really win anything

Infinite 04-29-2009 09:08

he is ****ing crying now you dickheads

Senty 04-29-2009 09:10

Is that how he won the game?

Glare 04-29-2009 09:14

Frank Lopez: Who would want to kill me?
Elvira: The catcher on your little league team.
Frank Lopez: That son of a *****, he didn't get a base hit all season! I ought to kill him!

coombz 04-29-2009 09:15

he's actually crying because your dad fingered him


Flubber 04-29-2009 09:19

title change for Mark and HOF request
Awesome come back Mark! Congratulations!

I was on the edge of my seat for last five minutes screaming at the TV!

Way to own Mark!

GJ choking Robert!

ADMINS: petition to change Mark's title to WCG UG#1 and to put this Thread in the HOF!

Metropolis 04-29-2009 09:24

congrats dude!

fatboy 04-29-2009 09:52

time for hookers and blow.

NAT Mav 04-29-2009 10:00

Where's the Front Page News?

oDDable 04-29-2009 10:05

Awesome job man.

I told you we would **** you up if you didn't win. I guess we don't have to **** you up.

This time...


Skibbi9 04-29-2009 10:07

Reading the scifi forums.

2 things I HATED about the show:

1) Voice Edits over the results/changing the editing. I hate that the game-annoucer went back and recalled the match. He would give the end result 2-3 seconds before the end of a 'match' or round. he killed a lot of anticipation.

2) The show playing favorites. I also loved how much Ciji hated mark at the end.

Kallama 04-29-2009 10:15

Fing AWESOME DUDE!!! That was the best come back! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!!! You kick @ss sir!!!

Gnome 04-29-2009 10:16


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