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mstrike 04-08-2009 18:36

Just caught the episode on hulu.

Good ****, Mark.

You make me proud :cry:

Megaera 04-08-2009 18:52


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 14442892)

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Thank you Fool, not what I expected, but brilliant. You brought a smile to me, considering am sick as hell at home.

Alvarez 04-08-2009 19:34

You shoulda stamped them fool... they are already being posted on Prodigy X's myspace.

Fool 04-08-2009 23:19

Swoozie and Hannah (the host)

Rho 04-09-2009 00:01

bTALK WCG Ultimate Gamer
Oh my, check out this husky chunky cubster | Chubarama

slacker 04-09-2009 00:13


Originally Posted by Got Haggis? (Post 14442816)
so either you or ciji leave the show....or you guys do it.

my guess:

Ciji sucks at the sports games and goes to the elimination challenge. Now that Mark has won one, people get scared of him and send him in to fight Ciji.

NAT Mav 04-09-2009 01:08


Originally Posted by Alvarez (Post 14443131)
You shoulda stamped them fool... they are already being posted on Prodigy X's myspace.

You'd think he'd know better.:(

SexPistol 04-09-2009 01:52


this is the funniest ****ing thing i have ever seen

AnalHerpes 04-09-2009 02:49

:lol: that was the best episode yet, the tea bag was great

MrsAlvarez 04-09-2009 04:44

I like this show surprisingly.. I thought it was going to suck, but now I actually want to watch. BTW Jamal, Dante and Ciji are major douches. I can't stand bragging, crying, and being a major Biatch...going to keep watchin though.

Fool 04-09-2009 09:32

I don't really care about watermarking all that much.

Fool 04-09-2009 13:23

ayz 04-09-2009 14:09

who the ****

Fool 04-09-2009 14:24


Megaera 04-09-2009 14:54


Originally Posted by Fool (Post 14444968)

what the???? That is a real total mash up for sure.

Fool 04-09-2009 15:07

Joel the host's face, Jamal's Mouth, Geoff's beard, Dante's hair, Amy's ear, Mark's nose, Swoozie's eye, Chelsea's eye, Alyson's cheeks, JD's eyebrows, Rob's contacts and lip ring, Ciji's piercings and tats, and Kelly's teeth.

Cuda 04-09-2009 19:54

Kelly has ****ing huge teeth.

Fool 04-09-2009 19:56

I made them comically big

Rho 04-09-2009 20:01

That kinda looks like someone I went to high school with.

Paladin-5 04-09-2009 20:03

damn your PS skills are nice

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