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havax 11-14-2016 20:05


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18674307)
This couldn't possibly be anymore fake...... lol

The Lantern on Twitter:

lol yeah come one man, that was too obvious. ****ing birddoggers. he even gave him warning before he came up on him.

KingSobieski 11-14-2016 20:09

these people are going to look so stupid when America Is Made Great Again and it's obvious they made a big to do about nothing

-SS- 11-14-2016 20:11

there's an interview with super commie, noam chomsky

from here: EcoWatch

thats for you rayn since you are into global warming climate change science is settled whatever

KingSobieski 11-14-2016 20:22


"Trump isn't building an entire wall! LIAR!"

"Trump isn't deporting ALL the immigrants! LIAR!"

"Trump is leaving parts of ObamaCare! LIAR!"


wtf do these people want? Trump to really follow through on the hyperbole? Are they insane or what?

cael 11-14-2016 20:26

yes, we expect him to stop flip flopping it haven't even been a week yet dood

StapleMammal1 11-14-2016 20:28


Originally Posted by cael (Post 18674347)
yes, we expect him to stop flip flopping it haven't even been a week yet dood

If he wasn't smart enough to compromise you'd really piss and moan.


Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate. - John F. Kennedy

JoMo 11-14-2016 20:29

" CBS News, CNN and NBC News are reporting that Donald Trump's transition team has asked whether it would be possible for his children to have temporary top secret security clearances as part of a small group of advisers. The White House, meanwhile, has denied that Trump formally requested this."

KingSobieski 11-14-2016 20:34

cael still paddling a canoe against a tidal wave. give it up mang, join the trumpeters. feels good man.

StapleMammal1 11-14-2016 20:34

You mean to tell me CBS News, CNN, and NBC News make **** up?

No way bro. No ****ing way.


cael 11-14-2016 20:34


Originally Posted by StapleMammal1 (Post 18674348)
If he wasn't smart enough to compromise you'd really piss and moan.

i think we were just hoping he wasn't going to become mitch mcconnells bottom ***** is all

KingSobieski 11-14-2016 20:36


3 months to get ready to lead the most powerful nation on earth. better just to procrastinate to the bitter end and then launch a brown coat army against the illegal immigrants and shove them on the cattle cars.

if it makes cael happy :shrug:

pretty obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that you should always begin in a position of power that allows you to concede on some details yet get what you want in the end anyways. If you start out asking for exactly what you want, you're not gonna get it.

don't think trump has cow towed to anyone besides his own father. At 70 I don't think he's going to start now. Hillary was a much better choice, slinging her minge on the corner for a few mill bucks here n there and selling out the middle class to the richest camel jockey.

o boy, we could have huma abedin, donna brazile, and debbie wasserman on board the cabinet. :twirls finger:

StapleMammal1 11-14-2016 20:37

As a professional ****** I can confidently say President Trump is definitely a top. The man tops his beautiful wife, and tops the Clinton in more ways than one.

Protip: These anti Trump folks had best go find a shiny object to occupy their time with. In case you are confused just wait. You will see what I am talking about.

NightTrain 11-14-2016 20:44

Milo loves bbc :shock:

bam 11-14-2016 20:45


Originally Posted by [MD5]Hash (Post 18674227)

According to this video college educated white men are the problem :rofl:

I could only get through like 10 minutes of this **** though.

Fool 11-14-2016 20:59

It's worth it, the second half is when the whole thing turns on them.

JustinCase 11-14-2016 21:26

watched the entire thing, very satisfying ending

JoMo 11-14-2016 21:26

Thanks Protesters!

"Portland, Ore., Police overtime for anti-Trump protests has cost nearly $500,000, officials say; not all overtime processed yet - Oregonian"

Also looks like Rudy is the favorite for Sec State.

bam 11-14-2016 21:30

And that's just one state

Fool 11-14-2016 21:31

Left logic: Point out 200 reported incidents of unconfirmed racially motivated abuse like mean words on day 1 of Trump win, ignore hundreds of arrests from Portland alone for violent crimes committed by leftist 'protesters'

Fool 11-14-2016 21:35

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