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spockhammer 12-05-2021 00:59


Originally Posted by EvilNapir (Post 19407050)
Not to forget Sehvi is so insecure and talks about me with bowl of blood why Iím saying things about him on the forums wtf man grow up get a life!

hells angels ppl like urself are a valuable resource and should at least be on the discord realizing that part of the social aspect of the forum moved there :bacon:

sehvi 12-05-2021 14:14

he was there but he left :lol:

Nicodemus 12-05-2021 15:31

Who? I sure as hell wasn't. If someone joined with my name it was not me.

Zanthious 12-05-2021 18:14

Is nico trying to say hes never been in the discord?

Nicodemus 12-06-2021 03:45

No i'm saying your mom is a whore.

sehvi 12-06-2021 06:04

damn nico

Nicodemus 12-06-2021 23:43

I just took a really soft and half diarrhea violent machine gun ****.

sehvi 12-07-2021 03:41

why don't u come and tell us about it

in the cord

Nicodemus 12-09-2021 06:47

No thanks. I have something called self respect. Keep harboring aids patients and people who need to leave their parent's basements more than a dick needs to leave tehvul's ass and maybe I'll consider. That place is just straight loserville.

sehvi 12-09-2021 06:58

come home nico

Zanthious 12-09-2021 15:23

its funny how you wont come to the discord but your talking to sehvi in real time which is exactly what it would be like if you were on the actual discord.. And for some reason you keep replying to him its like you like sehvis need for you to be in discord and you cant walk away

sehvi 12-09-2021 15:41

Of course he likes it.

He wants to come back but doesn't want his glorious reputation tarnished.

KittyCat 12-09-2021 15:53

can u two just kiss and make up and be internet pals

sehvi 12-11-2021 16:01

since we've reached level three in boosting we now have a permanent invite link:

havax 12-11-2021 17:18

LOL I can't believe you guys ****ing pay money for that stupid ****

lemontw 12-11-2021 17:21

I don't really understand what someone would need Level 3 boosting for on a server of five people... the Vanity URL?

lemontw 12-11-2021 17:25



+100 Emoji Slots (for a total of 250 emojis)

Edofnor 12-11-2021 17:43


ur paying money 4 this ****?

go 2 hell, pay for an irc server


fking fags

i hope u all get arrested by the fbi when vanster puts in his next report

Nicodemus 12-12-2021 01:48

I'm so glad I was a contributing factor to this ****ing dumpster fire of a turnout.

HumDumpin 12-12-2021 07:00

lmao lots of purse clutching elderly ppl here making judgements about what others do w their money did we turn into a church?

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