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telos 03-02-2009 22:27

[Need Votes]Win me a free wedding[Please]
Yeah thats right I tricked some one into marrying my ugly mug and now I need you guys to hit this contest in true TW style and win me a free wedding.

Couple Details

It's basically a popularity contest so pretty much anything goes as far as getting people to vote. Yes you have to register to vote (15 bonus votes for filling out information though) so I'm going to make it worth your while. Sign-ups are open for voters and voting begins at 12:01 cst on March 4th and runs until March 31st. YOU CAN VOTE ONCE PER DAY and only use one account. They will be doing IP Checking.

I've already donated $100 to TW and Rayn will attest to that. If you guys earn us the win I'll donate another $100.

We'll now you are asking yourself "whats in it for me?" well even if we don't get the win any one with 20+ days of voting, recorded by posting "voted" or something to that effect in this thread, will be thrown in a drawing for $75 over amazon/paypal/steam and for every day any one votes they will be entered for a $25 drawing. *

If we win the "perfect attendance" pool will be upped to $100 and I will do $200 in prizes for the other raffle.

That comes out to $200 guaranteed and with a win $500 to TW and its members.

A win will guarantee a TW logo on the cake. I'm also pushing for a TW table at the reception for any one who wants to come get drunk on me, there are quite a few TWers in the area. I will be screening any one who would want to do this. No one who is likely to show their testicle to my mother will be invited :P

This isn't against the rules I checked with the people running it so don't bother reporting this thread. They allow selling of Advertising T'shirts and paying outright for advertisement and this is no different they just want your data and I want a free wedding.

Here is the facebook group if any of you want to join up and spam your lists.
Help Brandan and Gabby win a FREE Wedding | Facebook

I'll track all votes here:

Real time top 5:

Voting trend charts for top 2 couples:

You can submit the current totals for us and the xbox crew here:
Vote Tracker..
We don't need data every 5 seconds though so try and check the time of the last submission before submitting your data.

So be sure to bump this thread with an "I voted" or else I won't know.

I've also set up a L4D server so have at it:
Picture of us drunk at some formal.
us and the dog (descriptive i know)

Thanks for voting.


*legal jargon: Participants must follow all regulations for their state/country of origin. Participants must be 18 years of age. Participants can receive free entry by simply sending an email to [email protected] com requesting a chance to win. MN regulations pertaining to this contest can be found here Minnesota Gambling Laws

Update 3/3: I'll be starting the vote tally based on the time stamp of midnight. If you have posted that you will vote please post another "voted" post after midnight when you have voted so its easier for me to update the spread sheet. I can see this becoming quite the process if I get even 10% of the daily visitors to vote a day. I won't know if we won til mid April so expect the drawing to occur late April.

Update 3/4: Holy **** 7 hours in and we are rocking it nice work guys keep it up remember you can vote every day. I've added a section to this post that has which post i have tallied votes to if you don't see your vote for a specific day pm me the post number. Many of you have asked about the 1000 and 1700 starting vote counts. There were some pre voting events that you could earn points at. I could only make it to the 1000 point event. I'm not condoning voting from multiple accounts and doing it will be easy to spot. So don't even try cheating its not worth it.

Update 3/9:
Over the weekend we were as far as 900 votes behind to being just 450 votes behind earlier this morning. This is a good sign. It means that their initial push is wearing off and their easy pool of voters has dried up. TW on the other hand has only had 200 or so people register and vote. There are at least 700 people that go through here on any given day and 10-15 new guys have been registering every day. If we can get those who are ignoring this thread to vote we can easily get the win. I almost want to stay behind by a little bit until the last few days. pull out a bunch of new voters in the last 72 hours and not give them enough time to scramble to get more. Looking at their forum and other places they have advertised they are getting a bit worried and have yet to find any of my advertisements since they seem to be pretty damn confused on their forum. The face book group is up to ~320 people and there are still 1800 or so invited that haven't responded. In the last few days any one who has been invited and not responded will be getting a message from me. if even 10% of them get the 16 votes thats a 3000 vote surge. Not sure they can contend with that. So keep promoting. Get your friends, family and coworkers involved and lets win this thing.DON'T TRY AND CHEAT. BREAKING THE CONTEST RULES HAS ALREADY COST US 1300+ VOTES This included using the white house address for your address, Mike Hawk for your name and 867-5309 for your phone number. If you don't want to provide that information thanks for stopping by but your participation could hurt us in the long run.

Update 3/16:
We had another 1066 votes knocked off. This time around I'm hearing from a bunch of people who claim their info was 100% legit and yet got locked. If you fall in this category you can e-mail them at [email protected] If you are not from the US and had your account locked it was not your fault because it is not against their rules as stated in their FAQ. You too can send them an e-mail at [email protected] and get your account unlocked. I thank any one who goes through this extra leg work. :sunny:

Update 3/24:
They have picked a a ton of speed today. we need to kick it into high gear. only about 50 of the 250 TWers who have been awesome enough to sign up have been voting each day. Just getting more of you to vote would put the xbox crew in the ground.

Update 3/31:
  • Drawings:Assuming the win is verified on April 8th.
    any one at 28 days has one chance to win $75
    Any one over 20 Days has a chance at $75 for each day over 20
    Any one over 17days has a 1 chance at $50- this one was done to compensate for the 5 votes I gave people who registered in the last 48 hours.
    Every one has 1 chance at each day for 3 $50 prizes
    Your ticket position will be based on alphabetical sort of voters and counting down columns. Voters will be drawn at random using's random generator.

    Users who got the 5 bonus votes for voting in the last 48 hours will have their 5 bonus votes applied to the 5 days leading up to their first vote.

Yes I realize I ended up at $550 total but it seems the fairest after adding the 5 bonus votes for voting in the last 48 hours. I will revert to $75 for over 20s and a $25 for a random if our win is not confirmed on april 8th. I will also unleash the hordes :)

Payment can be any type of digitally deliverable prize. Amazon, steam, iTunes ect.

Thanks again guys :)

After Voting Update:
Well we lost due to a disqualification. No real answer was given causing a **** storm on TW. A lot of people say some really stupid things and the thread gets moved here. Talking about blowing up a dealership, posting the bridal parties information and threatening to crash it and other such retarded comments cause more trouble.

Contest administration will no longer respond to my e-mails, Feldmann nissan has said they will set up a meeting for me and their GM/Owner. Hopefully this goes well and some **** gets cleaned up.

The e-mail of the contest administration owner and my contact at feldmann. If you want to send a POLITE e-mail to either party do so.
[email protected] om
[email protected] m

here is a generic one that covers the basics.


I assume I have this email correct, but if not, please direct this to the public relations representative for the Feldmann Nissan Giveaway contest which ended on March 31st, 2009.

I am one of hundreds of voters who voted for Brandan Iwaszko and Gabrielle Pastore. I, like many, am in complete disbelief over the handling and execution of the contest results. For over a month, hundreds and hundreds of us voted, diligently, every single day, ensuring what we thought was a clear win for our friends Brandan and Gabrielle. On numerous occasions, voters saw their votes "deleted" through "audits", many times shown to be erroneous. On several occasions, voters who found that their votes were deleted through audits were able to retrieve their votes through petition - I have no doubt you are aware of many instances where votes were deleted only to be re-honored.

What is most upsetting to many of us is the complete lack of integrity through this entire contest. There is no doubt that your audit system, whether automated or manually operated, bore flaws; clearly this has been shown through the many voters who saw their votes taken away, only to have them re-instated later on. So I beg to ask a few questions in the interest of integrity and good will: What of the voters who never saw their votes re-instated for Brandan and Gabrielle? Being that your audit system is misguided, how can you not possibly question every other vote that was thrown away? By default, in knowing your audit system has been shown to be erroneous, how can you not honor them as well (unless the information was clearly not filled out at all, for which there should be greater transparency)? Worst of all, how does an audit system that has been shown to be erroneous, fail to penalize the 2nd place contestants who also had several thousand votes? How is it that Brandan and Gabrielle work so hard to correspond with you during the contest, and insure integrity, yet become "disqualified" with little to no transparency? How is it that the 2nd place contestants manage to add over 1000 new legitimate votes in the last hour of the contest and yet again their votes are fully supported, even by a failed auditing system?

There are hundreds of voters who want answers to these questions. In the mean time, I am filing a petition with the better business bureau. I would encourage anyone who has bore witness to this blatant lack of integrity to do the same.

I would like to request that my email is taken out of your database. I did not submit personal information for what has turned out to be gross exploitation and a complete lack of good faith.

Thank you for your time.


JoMo 03-02-2009 22:28

No nudes, no vote...... hey money.. nevermind

guard|an 03-02-2009 22:29

can't even vote until wednesday.

Rayn 03-02-2009 22:30

I received the initial $100 donation.

Android1 03-02-2009 22:32

ok, lets make it happen tw....cant vote till wednesday??


JoMo 03-02-2009 22:32


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 14330192)
I received the initial $100 donation.

Then you should like sticky the thread or something I guess?

Android1 03-02-2009 22:34


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 14330201)
Then you should like sticky the thread or something I guess?


and im married so i know how expensive this **** is

lemon 03-02-2009 22:34


Originally Posted by telos (Post 14330183)

And no you can't have nudes.

Honestly dude I doubt anyone would want them.

Nash 03-02-2009 22:35

Will vote for great justice. Good cause, nice gesture.

telos 03-02-2009 22:37


Originally Posted by Lemon (Post 14330209)
Honestly dude I doubt anyone would want them.

I'm not that ugly :(

and as I said you can't vote til march 4th at 12:01 but you can sign up now and you'll have 15 bonus votes on day 1.

Just wanted to get as many people as possible in the know for day one. come out swinging and all that.

Lethal_Ranger 03-02-2009 22:37

I will vote when the time has come.

We were neighbours of sorts (K43) on a few years ago. :wave:

Rayn 03-02-2009 22:39


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 14330201)
Then you should like sticky the thread or something I guess?

I will sticky it on a day people can actually vote.

Killer Angel 03-02-2009 22:41

1st page

Chaoz 03-02-2009 22:42

Bump when you can vote

Xcursion 03-02-2009 22:43


Android1 03-02-2009 22:45

regged and ready to vote :)

Soup 03-02-2009 22:45

Viggy 03-02-2009 22:48

Not sure we're doing you a favor by facilitating this marriage, but free money is free money.

bam 03-02-2009 22:49

You're better looking than her.

Grief 03-02-2009 22:49

Registered. Got the 15 votes all ready.

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