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ButtDart 07-07-2009 18:42

HaHA I grouped with you a little today in DF.... I was playing my sons pally... Rojortt or something like that.. My primary is still my reaver tho.. his name is Arsewhoopr

Wrathchild 07-07-2009 20:49


Originally Posted by Violent (Post 14704635)
dude if you are playing minstrel im switching to paladin

Well this will be my first Minstrel so no telling how much I will like it or how good I will be. However I use to duo frontiers with a buddy that played a Minstrel in the early days so I have an idea of how they should work.

My playing hours can be pretty varied though, so it might be a good idea to keep running yours up if you get numbers for a group. I didn't know until today that the BGs are ranked like they are, I was hoping for some BG action around lvl 21 and not having to go to 30s first.

Violent 07-07-2009 22:13

so... no one is on ventrilo? what gives... i know people are around.

Resolve stop playing tf2 and come on vent

ButtDart 07-08-2009 17:57

why dont we just do the instant 60 one and RvR right away?

Violent 07-08-2009 18:16

ive been on ventrilo all day waiting for people to play with... leveled my pally to 10 and my minstrel to 15 or so

ButtDart 07-08-2009 19:00

I dont have vent even installed anymore.. guess I shoudl go get it.. and at least listen

Oxyminoan 07-08-2009 19:50

I'll be on this weekend. Other games/work/social **** have been distracting me pretty hardcore.

Wrathchild 07-09-2009 07:43

You're not going to have a group of people from TW hit 50 in a few weeks. Especially on this server where it's full on "Classic" and the levelling is going to take as long as it did in the early days. Best to just group up with others where we can and have fun, but I doubt there will be a TW guild here. The game is too old and most of the people that loved it have other things going on.

Oxyminoan 07-09-2009 16:23

yeah, the few weeks talk was before we realized just how classic they were talking about. We assumed there would be catacombs style kill task dungeons.

It's pretty nostalgic grinding the roman skeletons in Salisbury Plains, though.

Rayn 07-09-2009 17:50

its gonna be sweet grinding trees

G-Force 07-09-2009 18:39


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 14711977)
its gonna be sweet grinding trees

you playin rayn?

I might hop in for some classic memories... Devostif (armsman). I had great fun with that game (Protectorites!)...until that gay **** happened with Rayn. That was such bs.

Rayn 07-10-2009 08:53

Nah, I have absolutely no free time. Especially the kind of free time even casual MMORPG play requires. I was excited for classic servers if they ever released them, but doesn't look like that will ever happen.

I like old frontiers, hate ToA, and wouldn't want to have to level the old way again (no SI, no Cat, no DF)

where do they have that? :P

Wrathchild 07-10-2009 10:50

DF is in this game I believe, I've seen people talking about it in broadcast.

Sam_ 07-12-2009 18:58

I'm a total noob but im gonna try this game I liked warhammer.. anyone wanna give some noob tips or a guide i can read up while this things dl'n?

Sam_ 07-13-2009 15:18

anyone im trying to l2p but this is like eq no maps for quests no guides lol.. is it straight grind it out?

ResolvE 07-15-2009 09:17

most of the help sites have died....but try:

Dark Age of Camelot on WarCry for quest help

and Dark Age of Camelot for quest help and item help.

ButtDart 07-20-2009 19:00

This **** takes to long... The best one I have found so far is the SEGA Patch shard. Its instant 50 with buff bots but the armor and jewels you gotta farm a little. 4p per item but me and my son earn 4p in about 20 min. There is usually 80 people on and its the lions den map, so there is always a fight to be had.

Ive had pretty good fun on it so far.

Oxyminoan 07-21-2009 00:10

That sounds cool. Is that a new shard? The nostalgia quickly became annoyance as far as having to level up to 50 again for me...

JoMo 07-21-2009 01:49

I'm shocked! Simply shocked!

G-Force 07-21-2009 02:00


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 14691654)
Don't worry, by the time you download the game and get it set up, they will have moved on to another game.

JoMo is never wrong.


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