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Wrathchild 06-07-2009 20:13

Camelot anyone?

Anyone still playing from TW? Anyone still playing at all? I was thinking of reactivating my account from when we last tried it, but not sure if there is still any BG action going on there?

Aly 06-08-2009 14:15

I just started playing on Magnus as Order. It's fun but PQ for instance are very hard to do due to low population.

Wrathchild 06-08-2009 15:02

Ooops my post wasn't really clear - I meant DaoC ;) But I did reactivate my WAR account instead, I took a look at the population numbers for DAOC and the classic cluster had like 200 people online last night :(

I transferred my order characters to Iron Rock and the action is pretty good.

Rayn 06-08-2009 15:20

oh where oh where are you daoc classic

JoMo 06-08-2009 19:13

T2 on Iron Rock has been very busy lately. Yesterday Destro had a 78 person zerg, then Order had a 75 person zerg.

We tried taking on the zerg with a WB in a keep but we were overwhelmed after killing them for awhile.

bl00dsh0t 06-08-2009 20:26

Was playing my Hunter on Mid/Igraine, but haven't been on in months. I have some friends playing on Hib/MLF so I'm thinking about rolling a Vamp to join them.

EDIT: Yeah, classic pop is quite low, but ToA is so easy now that playing with someone who has a buff-bot is actually quite fun.

Oxyminoan 06-09-2009 00:00


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 14617209)
oh where oh where are you daoc classic

I think Mythic realized they'd lose half of their subs for WAR if they did it.

Rayn 06-09-2009 15:26


Originally Posted by Oxyminoan (Post 14618656)
I think Mythic realized they'd lose all of their subs for WAR if they did it.


Ickz 06-10-2009 03:28

I reactivated my accounts about a month ago. Lvled and ubergeared out a skald and then quit about a week later after realizing that you STILL need a constant 7 other people to play with in this dead game to do anything.

Wrathchild 06-10-2009 07:37

Well that's what I feared, thanks for saving me the time ;)

Rayn 06-10-2009 08:46

just make a stealther/buffbot. archers sound uber now.

Violent 06-11-2009 00:18

Anyone played on the freeshard servers? Theres a pretty fun instant 60 molvik BG one, with a full group you can get into some pretty good battles.

Theres also a classic server called uthgard thats pretty good.

Ickz 06-11-2009 00:23


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 14623121)
just make a stealther/buffbot. archers sound uber now.

Reading vn forums shows that there's still more stealth zergs than soloers. The players are what's going to completely kill the game eventually.

Rayn 06-12-2009 11:31

well i don't know if you can still avoid the stealth zerg

back in the day you could just avoid emain

that **** ****ing blows.

I hate grouping with stealthers, but I loved my archers.

GraphiX 06-23-2009 11:34

I played DAoC about 4 months ago or so. I was having lots of fun with it, and yes I was on the classic cluster. The only BG's you can really find action in are Thidranki and Molvik. Molvik typically is the busier of the two.

And at the times late at night when the two are almost dead I would just spend that time leveling toons separate from BG twinking and exploring newer content.

Also, the frontiers were usually pretty busy at all times. It wasn't all out zergmania like the old days but you could still find 30-50 man raids out in the frontiers.

ResolvE 06-28-2009 21:57

daoc's dead man, might as well join me on the free shards. Uth has a solid server with 300 players, no TOA, old frontiers and no /level you have to actually do the work. So on monday-friday its like playing on old nimue and on fri/sat night its pretty solid gameplay with lots of action. IMO its really not worth getting into if you want action now, you might as well join find an instant50(free gear) shard and just rock out with your cock out.

Oxyminoan 06-29-2009 01:37

I wouldn't mind getting a little leveling group going like we did Pre-War. That **** was actually pretty fun until the free trials ran out. ;) No Pay to Play here, so maybe more people will stick with it.

Do they at least let you /20?

Violent 06-29-2009 02:01

I played on Uth for a bit, its actually pretty good if you have people to play with. What faction? I want to play Skald but will go Shield Warrior if needed.

Oxyminoan 06-29-2009 02:52

We're going to need a Skald for sure. I'll be on vent tomorrow. I'm sure I can talk Gundam into playing too.

Rayn 06-29-2009 08:31

are those free shards patched up to the latest version

Violent 06-29-2009 09:04

uth is the latest EU version... its a free download... took me maybe 2 hours to patch to live.

ResolvE 06-29-2009 09:20


Originally Posted by Rayn (Post 14680075)
are those free shards patched up to the latest version

yeah, 1.91 EU which is the most up to date.

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