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DacTheHork 03-05-2007 17:42

Armies of War! Destruction

Class options:

Black Orc

Frontline Fighter, with disables and "brawling" style of combat

Orc Choppa

Damage Dealing fighter, gains frenzy the longer in battle the more berserk you become.

Goblin Shaman

Healer, Nuker, and Supporter. Can specialize in any area or do them all. Basic Mage but Gobbie style.

Goblin Squigg Herder

Archer with the ability to summon Squiggs to help attack the enemy.


Not much is known, but from backlore these are humans who have demonic outgrowths. Such as a sword instead of an arm, etc.


No description needed


Deadly but fragile. The big damage dealing nuker.


Really confusing but basically support and healing. He can grant entirely new abilities to his teammates and interconnect them using "marks".

DacTheHork 03-05-2007 18:05

Of those 8 my first char would prolly be Marauder or Zealot. Marauder for the sword instead of arm style and zealot because no one else picks healers/buffers :/

Calipso 03-05-2007 18:11

Theres a interview with paul on the front page of their main page about the marauder. Pretty good one too, hes an entertaining guy.

Shadow13 03-05-2007 19:13

EDIT: zealot. By the sounds of these posts we will have lots of tanks.

Goshin 03-05-2007 19:50

I think i'll go with Chosen or maruader

MountainDewMike 03-05-2007 20:00

I'll most likely be rolling magus.

Flunky 03-05-2007 20:09

Goblin Shaman all the way...

The Pope 03-05-2007 20:13

I am willing to play anything except an elf.

Calipso 03-05-2007 20:34

Im stuck between marauder/Magus and Chosen. So basically ive decided Chaos but thats it.

DacTheHork 03-05-2007 20:42

There still is dark elf to be announced.

So 4 more classes we don't know about.

I like how each race is actually different (not WoWish)

MrMeikel 03-05-2007 20:46

i'm looking foward to seeing what the dark elf classes are, I play them in rl

SaintDude 03-05-2007 21:04

What would be the closest to a DAOC Savage or Zerk class do you figure?

xgalaxy 03-05-2007 21:28

Goblin Shaman checking in.

Shadow13 03-05-2007 21:28


Originally Posted by SaintDude (Post 11228089)
What would be the closest to a DAOC Savage or Zerk class do you figure?

orc Choppah, or the maurader I believe. Choppah being the closest.

Shadow13 03-05-2007 21:29


Originally Posted by DacTheHork (Post 11228001)
There still is dark elf to be announced.

So 4 more classes we don't know about.

I like how each race is actually different (not WoWish)

The problem was with mythic taking this route in DAoC it turned into a huge ****ing Balance nightmare with FOTM classes every other month, and the previous FOTM's getting nerfed down.

I am hoping that the owners of the franchise do not allow this to happen again though.

Wren 03-05-2007 21:35

i kinda like the idea of a choppa :]

SaintDude 03-05-2007 21:44

Kinda what I was thinking Wren :)

Eggi 03-05-2007 22:13

ill prolly start out with magus or goblin shaman

Dalmar 03-06-2007 00:35


Originally Posted by Goshin (Post 11227818)
I think i'll go with Chosen or maruader

Pyrotekk 03-06-2007 00:48

I will definately be playing a Chaos Magus.


From atop his Daemonic Disc of Tzeentch the Magus rains corruption over the battlefield, annihilating his enemies with the sheer power of the Aethyr and the massive strength of his own will.

Also they look so sick!

DELIVERANCE 03-06-2007 06:50


Originally Posted by Pyrotekk (Post 11229164)
I will definately be playing a Chaos Magus.


Also they look so sick!

Any idea if the disk is an actual gameplay element?

DonkeyofDoom 03-06-2007 07:14

Yes. It is always attached to your character and used in transportation and combat.

Nahaj 03-06-2007 11:37

I'm looking forward to either the Chosen or a Magus just cant decide

Calamari 03-06-2007 12:31

Magus or Zealot, methinks.

DistortedRiff 03-06-2007 12:43

I'm feeling Magus

SpaceTweezer 03-06-2007 12:46

I'm plannin on doing Black Orc. I've read some stories from people who have gotten to play the beta and they say a Black Orc can really hold down points and are the backbone to a good attack. I like the fact that there is collision detection among the characters so you really CAN hold a bridge if you stay on it. No one can get by lol.

Sardaukar07 03-06-2007 16:56

Marauder or Black Orc... maybe Choppa. They all look so badass.

Ben Reed 03-06-2007 17:03

Chosen looks very Ben Reed.

Marauder is also tempting.


So far my preference would probably be:
- Chosen
- Black Orc
- Choppa

Can't wait to see what the negro elves have to offer.

Goshin 03-06-2007 17:39

**** theres block detection? That's awesome :D

}x{ Dragon 03-06-2007 18:12

Black orc all the way. Go big or go ****ing home.

Polus 03-06-2007 18:27

shaman or choppa

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