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clu 06-09-2021 03:55

edit- i want to be in the room helping brainstorm these guys ****ing names. come one man gimme a break your killing me

editedit- crypto hand rubbing at 0:10

sehvi 06-09-2021 04:26

TW stanning hard for tom

Brasstax 06-09-2021 04:39

Anyone who is offended by our flag is not healthy.

In our history, even if you disagreed with others, most everyone respected the flag. Sure, we had some flag burners but even hippy stuff used the flag to show that the person still respected the country.

If you are in the USA and you do not honor the country, then what are you? I don't consider people like that to be Americans.

If a person hates their father, they often refer to them as sperm donors but not dad's. Kind of the same thing here. You might be a US citizen because you were born here but you aren't an American if you hate the flag. Just my opinion.

I'd like to see more flags out there. The symbol has been cucked. It's our country. The differences are healthy. It's good to have a country that can change with the times. But to hate the system that allows you to do that? People need to open their eyes and minds.

The left might hate the right at the moment but why hate the flag/country?

I never found this type of thing offensive:


Actually, very cool.

IMO, nothing compares to a properly handled flag ceremony conducted in the proper manner with everyone showing respect. It's one of the reasons why there was such a negative reaction to Colin kneeling. Why? Because, it indicates that not only do you hate the country but you hate those who love the country. That you are not the type of person who can put differences aside and work together. That you are not a team player. Which is absurd when you are on a team as your job.

blah blah blah yada yada yada :)

sehvi 06-09-2021 04:41

I love America.

I like Americans too.


Brasstax 06-09-2021 04:43

Like Doug Stanhope says, there are only two countries in the world - dick and not a dick :)

EvilNapir 06-09-2021 04:45


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 19343434)
I love America.

I like Americans too.



blackpeople 06-09-2021 04:46

cringe tsunami in this entire thread

Brasstax 06-09-2021 04:48


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 19343434)
I love America.

I like Americans too.


Found some wisdom...

sehvi 06-09-2021 04:50

I mean it's obvious from the get go that tom macdonald is canadian.

cael 06-09-2021 14:06

can't be he's rapping infront of an american flag and all the american boomers love him

sehvi 06-09-2021 14:43

tom macdonald rapping about going through it as a white christian male in america while secretly being canadian is quite something

bowl of blood 06-09-2021 15:01

whoa i thought that guy was a lonely island comeback

Nicodemus 06-11-2021 06:33

I don't like the fact that Discord allows this banned ****** to be in there and this is what progressed. He needs to be removed from discord well

Nicodemus ***8212; Today at 2:29 AM
you're a pile of **** for attacking something people have been a part of for like 50 years
Nicodemus ***8212; Today at 2:29 AM
and you have to deal with that
[2:29 AM]
get lost
[2:29 AM]
get the **** out of here
***1473;D4 ***8212; Today at 2:29 AM
it was fun and id do it again

sehvi 06-11-2021 06:50

I've been trying to get havax ops in there and i'm sure he would gladly work with you here, but sadly the current ops don't want to give it to him.

Nicodemus 06-11-2021 06:53

Shut up fag you are the one who tried to get him unbanned and i ****in told you it was a bad idea and you didn't listen. TW discord is **** im done.

sehvi 06-11-2021 06:56

You're breaking my heart Nico.

Edofnor 06-11-2021 09:27


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 19343066)
imagine being such a snowflake that you compare this **** with terrorism LOL

imagine being such a degenerate culture and race traitor that u dismiss cyberterrorism as fun and games, then use typical commie doublespeak 2 incorrectly apply perjoratives associated with ur own "people" 2 those who oppose ur degenerate agenda

sehvi 06-11-2021 10:45


clu 06-11-2021 10:48

****ing cookies man ****

StapleMammal1 06-11-2021 14:21


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 19344364)

China, Iran, and Israel.

sehvi 06-11-2021 14:36

Nico left the cord today.

I'm in shambles.

cael 06-11-2021 14:37

sehvi 06-11-2021 14:56

**** i can't stop listening to that song what a sad day it is

havax 06-11-2021 15:09

maybe you shouldn't have been so hard on him. it was just mom jokes ffs

sehvi 06-11-2021 15:44

i've never been hard on him

never called him any names

never did anything

just tried to help him discover what he's been hiding within

StapleMammal1 06-11-2021 16:00

bless his heart

ScooBySnaCk 06-11-2021 19:18

I vote for Nico back in discord and derpmaster to take his psychosis out.

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