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Brasstax 05-03-2016 21:21

You dumbasses who think Trump is a tyrant or whatever need to give it up. I am telling you - he is like any one of us on TW for the most part. Whatever fears you have are unfounded. All this **** about building walls and throwing people out isn't what is really going to happen. But - there are some things that need to get fixed. No ****ing doubt. This is our chance to clean out DC of these stupid ****ing idiots.

A black man who can't even help black people while he is in office.
A bunch of dickless republicans that sat by and let him do whatever he wanted to.
A bunch of sluglike democrats that did nothing because the Tyrant was doing it all and they just bobbed their heads and spent money while plotting for the next election.

Throw them out. Vote Trump. Whatever he brings will be 1000x better. Even if it is just waking the politicians up.

StapleMammal1 05-03-2016 21:42

Brasstax for VP!

Brasstax 05-03-2016 22:11


Originally Posted by StapleMammal1 (Post 18566556)
Brasstax for VP!

Haven't you had the sneaking suspicion that if we randomly chose someone for vp that they would probably do a better job?

Also - I think if you randomly chose a CEO out of the fortune 1000 they would probably do a better job as president.

I would only do VP if I could focus on all the young Americans who feel worthless and lost in our society. Who have no pride in themselves, their neighborhoods or cities - let alone the country.

We need people to reach out and connect. To start creating jobs and activities that lead to success. It all starts with self-worth. We may not all be born at the same starting line - but that doesn't matter when it comes to self-worth and pride. A person should be more proud when they overcome a challenge to reach their goal.

StapleMammal1 05-03-2016 22:22

Brasstax 05-03-2016 22:29

WTF is with the ghost head of Wolf Blitzer in the upper left corner?

JoMo 05-03-2016 22:56

Cruz has to be the most awkward candidate ever..... Waiting for the impending divorce...

Fool 05-03-2016 22:58

The ear to ear hug part creeps me out

Dangerdoggie 05-03-2016 23:05

I almost feel sorry for her, almost.

havax 05-03-2016 23:08


Originally Posted by JoMo (Post 18566607)
Cruz has to be the most awkward candidate ever..... Waiting for the impending divorce...

lol geezuz this guy

JoMo 05-03-2016 23:16


Originally Posted by Dangerdoggie (Post 18566611)
I almost feel sorry for her, almost.

Well, she can go back to Goldman Sachs now. Probably divorce Ted, get custody of the kids.

JoMo 05-04-2016 00:05

Just for Vanster...

Stealth 05-04-2016 00:13

Well, this is finally the beginning of the end for Donald Tru...wait, what?

Dangerdoggie 05-04-2016 01:10

Huscarl 05-04-2016 02:32


Originally Posted by Gandalf (Post 18565572)
Hillary has had it very easy running against Bernie, as he hasn't mounted any personal attacks, he's basically running on giving away **** for free platform.

This will change once the conventions are over and the election shifts to Hillary versus the Donald. She is going to be blasted over and over for her crap, going all the way back to when she was Governor Clinton's wife dealing with the bimbo eruptions in Arkansas.

But, given how buddy buddy Trump has been with the Clintons over the years, who know what he will do.

Keep in mind Donald Trump used to be friends with Megyn Kelly

Mooley 05-04-2016 03:11

Dangerdoggie 05-04-2016 03:36

Perfect. Little Ben Shapiro, so sad today.

ArakAtak 05-04-2016 05:50

If nothing else it is so enjoyable watching those smarmy smug condescending mother****ers get their **** pushed in - go Trump

JoMo 05-04-2016 11:48

Being reported that Kasich has cancelled his events and will be making a speech in Columbus at 5 PM EDT. Looks like he'll likely drop out.

KingSobieski 05-04-2016 11:49

Trump reportedly renaming the republican party to the trumplican party. Promises to add slot machines to senate floor.

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JoMo 05-04-2016 11:52

Yep, Kasich is out

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