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rotochop 08-29-2018 15:34

2018 20 year reunion tribes 1 mvp award
definitely goes to flipp mun aka feddz

the only person who was able to consistently talk in ebonics for a whole decade while cheating in a childs video game in a community that wants to lynch him


im gonna shoot myself now

Flipp 08-30-2018 14:11

fedzzz tr00 fukn :king: gotchall soooo fukt up d00 b partta ur brainz 4 lyfe lmao smdh :jester:

Exodus 09-04-2018 17:22

Sure. Whatever you say..

rtcll 09-05-2018 05:01

watchin fedz try to play while cheating is hilarious on its own, but when he cant hack its 20x funnier

Flipp 09-06-2018 22:16


Originally Posted by rtcll (Post 18983027)
i m stilla yuuuuge YUGE fukn *****ass lil effemcuck n00dlyarmz n i supadupa njoy slaps cross mah pastyass fukn *****ass teefz n m0ufz lykka guuuud GUD lil fuccboi

d00 no him soundn lykkit 2 smdh lol :jester:

S_hift 09-08-2018 12:03

lol i remember when mun used to ask me for cheatz :3

lemontw 09-08-2018 15:12

yo shifty how is the petty theft and welfare working out for u and ur family

S_hift 09-09-2018 13:05

about as good as ur disability claim :sunny:

lemontw 09-09-2018 14:44

so ur not a thief and ur not on welfare?

jgrange 09-10-2018 12:49

damn, lemon just got rekt

hyung 09-11-2018 03:16


Originally Posted by S_hift (Post 18984693)
about as good as ur disability claim :sunny:


lemontw 09-16-2018 16:29

does anyone over 12 use the word "rekt"

also, shift's reply makes no sense but u two radical leftists lap it up like wapo fake news


Flipp 09-17-2018 09:28

only ggud lib/prog/demoRAT eva gon b a ded 1 6ft undagroun 4sho alway fuk widdem irl n on da www :king:

S_hift 09-18-2018 00:44

i loosely use the term rektum. loosely

Cinnamon 10-30-2018 09:32

:s my rektum is used loosely

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