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[meph]DarkDonut 04-09-2009 11:14

Trial/RaF/Server Transfer
so i played the first free month of WaR when it first came out but I quit due to my computer being a horrible piece of ****.

now that i have a new computer I'm thinking of starting again but I have a few questions.

First of all, I can't remember my login info at all, but that's not too important cuz i really don't mind starting from scratch again.

My main concern here is, once my Trial ends, can I get someone to Recruit-a-Friend my trial account and get another 10 days free? I plan to pay for a month when the time comes but I'd like to get as much free time as I can out of it.

Also, do I get to transfer my new character to a server of my choice or will I have to remake from scratch on the server I choose? (most likely Dark Crag since it seems to be active, unless someone can suggest something better)

[meph]DarkDonut 04-10-2009 16:21


rook 04-10-2009 21:16


Originally Posted by [meph]DarkDonut (Post 14448601)

recruit-a-friend is only accounts that are new, or have been inactive for awhile.

i'm on ironrock order. level 40, rr 60 warrior priest.

Come play there and i can help out. there's some other TW's on both sides on ironrock as well. including some blood eagle hold outs.

it's a very active core server, both sides have now been in the end game city sieges a bunch of times now. I run with a pretty competitive guild if you don't suck can vouch for you later. We run PvE groups, orvr, scenario premades all nightly. Even sets up 6v6 duels engage on sight and have destroyed every destro guild so far, we're not for the casual player tho.

let me know if you roll there either way I can send ya some gold/answer questions/etc at the very least.

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