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NotSaint 02-26-2020 23:55

Coffee before training
I thought I had a stroke today. For the past two months I've been training three times a week in the mornings, 80-90 minutes, felt that have no energy at all, and decided to start my day with a cup of coffee and go pumping after that. That was the worst decision ever. I almost puked and my eyes bulged out. I really got scared. Well, morals: do not drink coffee before you go training.
Upd. If any of you have a coffee machine like one from here, let me know. I started thinking the thing is that I drink ****ty instant coffee.

darkpiece 03-27-2020 02:43


Ashley 01-07-2021 21:13

I drink an entire 12cup pot of coffee every morning, and usually make a single pour over cup while I wait for it to brew, and have two starbucks instant packets in with my protein shake before heading to the gym around 10am

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