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Brasstax 03-20-2022 12:06


samUwell 03-20-2022 12:07


Edofnor 03-20-2022 12:07

no it's THESE united states

way 2 expose wat we already knew about u, ur a communist boomber terrorist helping out in the islamic caliphate of portland and u hate these usa

Brasstax 03-20-2022 12:08

no ur

cael 03-20-2022 12:20

imagine losing to ur own borderland

it's like the usa losing an invasion to mexico how embarrassing


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19442778)

T-Dawg 03-20-2022 13:10


Originally Posted by SuperTrap (Post 19442822)
Feel free to ignore me. Scroll over my posts. You won't hurt my feelings.

I scroll over everything you post that's more than five lines

SuperTrap 03-20-2022 13:36


samUwell 03-20-2022 14:51

I think you're supposed to be offended or hurt by him saying that.

SuperTrap 03-20-2022 16:18

I will draw a circle around it and put a band-aid on it later

HaPpY 03-20-2022 16:23

blood battle there
semantics battle here
battles everywhere!

Brasstax 03-20-2022 16:34

Let's consult George Washington...
Ah - never mind.
Some ****ers never learn.

T-Dawg 03-20-2022 18:55

Thnx for giving me permission though. That's really important. I might just be able to find a **** to give.

Reggs 03-20-2022 20:11

I think we're seeing temper tantrum cancel culture for the first time in international politics. All these sanctions are gone into without any thought of what the repercussions are. America thinks it can cancel Russia. This culture also digs their heels in and doubles down. This does not mix well with war.

Buy iodine pills now.

Brasstax 03-21-2022 02:01

Chinese official calls sanctions on Russia increasingly 'outrageous'

havax 03-21-2022 03:23

i mean, to be fair, we are taking all of these brands/luxuries away from the actual PEOPLE of russia, not the russian government itself that is causing all the issues. is it okay to all of you **** heads to totally **** all of the PEOPLE of russia because you love ukraine so much?

cael 03-21-2022 03:50


havax 03-21-2022 04:08


sehvi 03-21-2022 04:14


Originally Posted by cael (Post 19442968)

havax 03-21-2022 04:20


Originally Posted by sehvi (Post 19442974)

Originally Posted by carl

brilliant :bigthumb:

cael 03-21-2022 04:23


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