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ArakAtak 03-19-2022 09:31

If they are killing ******s, jews and commies I'll support them!

SuperTrap 03-19-2022 10:08
Supporters of Ukrainian nationalist and far-right groups take part in a rally to mark Defender of Ukraine Day in Kiev, October 14, 2017. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich
Delegates sing the Ukrainian national anthem during the first congress of the new political party National Corps, created from the members of Azov civil corps and veterans of Azov regiment in Kiev on October 14, 2016. (GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images)
Volunteers of the right-wing paramilitary Azov National Corps light flares during a rally in front of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev, Ukraine, Monday, Nov. 26, 2018. Hundreds of protesters from far-right party National Corps waved flares at a protest in the snowy streets outside the Ukrainian parliament Monday. They brandished yellow-and-blue flags with the Ukrainian national symbol, the trident, and a huge white banner reading 'Don't back down!" . (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
National Corps' local leader Serhii Filimonov speaking at a rally in Kiev, October 2018.Credit: Michael Colborne
Ukraine's National Militia marching in Kiev, December 2018.
Racists are welcome here" alongside the far-right acronym "Good Night Left Side" by the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, November 2018.Credit: Michael Colborne
A girl says goodbye to her boyfriend, a new volunteer recruit of the Ukrainian Azov battalion, a notorious fascist militia, after a military oath ceremony in Kiev in this 2014 file photo. Photo: Agence France-Presse
Activists and supporters of Ukrainian nationalist parties and members of the fascist Azov battalion rally in Kiev in 2016. Photo: EPA
The Azov Battalion uses the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol as its logo. Its founder Andriy Biletsky (center) has moved to ban “race mixing” in the Ukranian parliament. (Azov/Twitter)
This photo from Azov’s website shows an officer of the neo-Nazi militia armed with a version of Israel’s Tavor rifle. The Tavor is made under license from Israel by Ukraine’s national arms maker Fort.

I can keep going but I am getting bored.

samUwell 03-19-2022 11:43

Starting to really like Ukraine...

blackpeople 03-19-2022 12:29

lol @ havax

T-Dawg 03-19-2022 12:58


Originally Posted by SuperTrap (Post 19442589)
I can keep ****posting but I am getting bored.


HumDumpin 03-19-2022 13:05

Good folks on both sides stupidtrap

SuperTrap 03-19-2022 13:11


Originally Posted by T-Dawg (Post 19442607)

You don't like me pointing out the hypocrisy of the left? Of course you don't

Brasstax 03-19-2022 13:34

AnubiS 03-20-2022 07:22

Yup p legit tbh, we better stop financing the neonazi scum in the East or Putin will **** the entire NATO countries :shrug:

However... Putin is financing the Neonazis in the West.

I wonder when the peasants will finally wake up to tear down every the capitalist regime from the Planet - starting with China ending up with US.

T-Dawg 03-20-2022 08:31


Originally Posted by SuperTrap (Post 19442611)
You don't like me pointing out the hypocrisy of the left? Of course you don't

The right not only invented hypocrisy, they patented it and copyrighted it too. They've fed you so many lies you've become retardgionalized.

SuperTrap 03-20-2022 08:47

The last thing you ever will see me rooting for is the USA forever wars.

First.. is Russia doing something we are not guilty of?

Second.. Are we making deals with other countries that are way worse than russia?

Third.. Does Biden really want to stop putin (war) or is this thoughts and prayers?

F.. Is this the hill everyone has agreed to die on? Shouldn't we be fully aware of who we are going to die for? Is Ukraine worth it?

T-Dawg 03-20-2022 09:31

OMFG you actually posted something that's not a copy pasta wall of text that nobody reads. And it wasn't even regurgitating someone else's opinion that you thought you came up with. You should be proud of yourself.

SuperTrap 03-20-2022 09:40

Sorry. I usually trust the reader to form their own opinion instead of me giving it to them. I feel my opinion is only needed when some dumbass thinks that questioning what we are doing equals me being a russian.

Mostly I prefer to argue in facts.. and me stating a fact is different then me posting proof of a fact or at least enough evidence to lend it consideration..

Of course facts are subjective nowadays because everyone is shouting their opinion and ignoring the facts.

ps.. all those walls of texts that scared you so bad? Those all pretty much provided me the facts to make the above statements formed as sarcastic questions.

Paladin-5 03-20-2022 09:48

some ****ty stuff going down in ukraine: Juan Sinmiedo on Twitter:

T-Dawg 03-20-2022 09:52

Yeah I can read the news all by myself without anyone jamming it down my throat tyvm. Still spend several hours a day on the news. I have gone back to never reading opinions anymore and haven't watched the talking heads on TV for maybe ten years. It's like a dog sniffing assholes. You've seen one you've seen em all. And they're all just stirring the pot to piss you off and make bank.

SuperTrap 03-20-2022 09:56

Feel free to ignore me. Scroll over my posts. You won't hurt my feelings.

Edofnor 03-20-2022 11:31

wow some ppl itt rly don't like team usa

u fking commies and terrorists should fuk off bak 2 soviet arabia

Brasstax 03-20-2022 11:52

Some serious ass whipping going on in THE UKRAINE.
Maybe we should go to war against Russia? But wait - not China.
This THE UKRAINE thing is already getting old.
Is it ELECTION time yet? Is TRUMP ready to announce his run?
Back to the ASSES.

havax 03-20-2022 12:00

it used to be called "the Ukraine" which literally means "the border" translated, so I can understand if someone still calls it that, but it is correct to say Ukraine now, not the Ukraine.

Edofnor 03-20-2022 12:02

THE ohio state university

THE ukraine

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