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Wannacookie 02-11-2015 18:48

PS4 No Games, No Controller Cord (read details)

I sold this thing on Craiglist, and according to the buyer it immediately broke (flashing blue light). I have not registered it as mine. I have a receipt showing it was purchased on December 17th, 2014.

I'd like to get rid of it. I never play it, It's a $500 BR player.I used it approximately 3 times, and it's approximately 2 months old as of this date. I'm asking $225, but of course it needs to be warrantied which I haven't bothered to do.

It comes in the original packaging box, with the receipt. It's a Destiny version sans game. Perhaps you can flip it for some extra cash, I just don't feel like dealing with it after selling it working and getting a refund request...via Craigslist....that I had to honor because I'm a good guy. I can send pictures verifying the PS4# matches the box# which matches the receipt.

Let me know. If you'd like to make an offer without me warranting it as if it were working, feel free. I'm afraid if I initiate the warranty, it willl be linked to my address and account; thus, if the replacement failed, you'd be forced to contact me to deal with it which I would rather not do.

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