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Fonzie 12-17-2013 20:33

Best mixing console and/or power amp with wireless/bluetooth control
OK so what's the best mixing console or power amp that has wireless controls?

I've seen the Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 that will work with an iPad and Behringer x32 which will work with iPhone, iPad, Windows, etc but is kind of too large for the room (only ~ 6-10 inputs depending).

The audio room in our training facility is inconveniently located in the front of the room where we have large company meetings. Some people are shy and some people scream so I'd like to be able to adjust the volumes accordingly without having to walk to the front of the meeting in front of my entire company.





Edit: I'd prefer a Windows based application so I have an excuse to expense a Surface Pro 2. But I'll take any suggestions :D

travelyan 12-18-2013 11:17

if it was me because i'm cheap i'd output the existing mixdown into a little shuttle pc or laptop or something, plug the PA system into the output of the computer and then VNC into that and adjust the volume that way. doable from a surface probably, and/or stick a hardware compressor in the mix to level out the peaks and valleys

old_skul 12-18-2013 14:52

I know people with both the Presonus mixer and the Behringer, and they both love them.

Fonzie 01-08-2014 17:17

I ended up getting the x32 rack as our gear is rackmounted in a closet. Can't wait to get it tomorrow and mess around with it!


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