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spockhammer 08-11-2016 04:52

Emo Osiriss and OttoRItter Discuss Shifter's Creation
S.B.A. High Speed Edition


The interview with Emo!!! Osiriss and OttoRItter - 3/28/2001 1:46:40 AM

Here you go kiddies!! The uncut interview with Emo as promised before!!! Every question is preceeded by it's author' name!

(Q)T Rat What was your inspiration for creating shifter?

1) I got horribly tired of Renegades.
2) I wanted to make stuff work the way that *I* wanted it to work...

(Q)OttoRitter Was the mod created from scratch or have u used any template? If so what s left of these templates ?

1) The base was actually Renegades 3.0 beta, that was about the time that I started getting tired of nothing really new happening.

Now it is most indestingushable from renegades.

(Q)Ottoritter Where you thinking your mod would reach such a populaity level when you published it the first time?

Honestly, no... I still look back at things and wonder how the hell it happened... I look at the number of servers and players out there and it just does not seem like I am the one who started all this... heh...

(Q)OttoRitter What do you think of the shifter community ? Do you consider yourself as the father of a strong community ?

Oddly I really dont... The people made the community, I just made the mod. I have followers and people who have been inspired to start coding because of Shifter and that makes me feel good... But I dont feel like a "founding father"...

Wolven Kin What is your opinion on Czar trying to pick up where you left off?

It suits me , I have known Czar for some time, we used to work together along time ago and have spent meny hours working on things, I think he has a good grasp on what I was looking for and I think will prolly make the right choices

summed up wolven s question : (Q)Do you feel shifter needs to be changed at all? And if so, what? If not, why?

I do not feel like any one can go any farther with Shifter in T1 ... T1 is about to be over... As every one knows T2 is gold and will be out VERY soon... Shifter was intended to be a LARGE scale mod... Many people say that things are overkill in Shifter, but for small missions this is true. Shifter is kinda of a conglomerate idea of WarHammer 40k the game (not the mod) ... That was one of my largest inspirations as far as the weapons and things in the game.

Wolven Kin There has been a lot of talk about what to do with the plasmagun( was it made too strong in single fire?)

Well that could be , mainly the idea was that the range was cut dramatically... Wolven kin People think the jets behind the Merc booster should be removed in an effort to reduce lag. What do you think about this idea ?

They can cause lag if several people are using them, its really not that hard to remove..

(Q)Wolven kin Do you think the arbitor and goliath needs a little boost to win back popularity ?

Honestly, I have not played T1 in so long that I dont even know what the current armor usages are.. I pretty much quit T1 when T2 beta came around... However... The answer that would prolly balance it out, is to reduce the boost on the Merc...

(Q)LSWA Did you ever considered giving the medium/heavy armors(excluding eng) a skin ability like the assasins touch or scout de-packer...


(Q)OttoRitter What is the actual process for bug finding? (You seem to find a whole ot before the players... )

Yeah, well Dastardly sat here @ my place for hours on end, testing and testing and testing.. Soooo, yeah there are many things that we found first... There are others that players told us about ...

(Q)OttoRitter What was the most outrageous bug you found in the mod overtime , was that fixed ?

Hmmmm, prolly the health cheat... That was REALLY unfair and irritating...

(Q)9er What is your viewpoint on scripts? What ones are fine and which ones go too far?

Well I never really used alot of scripts, I prefer the base interface... But I did use the Presto invo scripts... Those where very usefull and they are alot like the way that T2 works for buying inventory. One that go to far are the ones that let you do things that are just all out cheats... Things that you would not normally be able to do in the game, naturally...

(Q)Ass defender I know alot of people who used to like the Arbitor as a "specialty" armor. Why was it necessary to change it so much from 7-30?

I think that we had decided that the Arbitor was just a little to powerful and it at the time was really not what I was looking for ... I think toward the end it really became more of the armor that I had in mind.

(Q)Jedi H|C Cloan attacks,some people are asking me why this happens they get dropped and can't connect ? Is this only seen in shifter?

No, these attacks are something that is caused by the Tribes server application it self, a malicious user basically connects and disconnects over and over untill all the slots on a server are filled up... This is something that has been cleared up in T2 however ;)

(Q)Psy-W Satchel Who's idea was it to give a player one for being one? Also known as the Penis Curse or the Dick of Death.

Heheheh, That actually came from Gordon Keiser, who wrote the long defunct *****in mod...

Light questions

(Q)Ass Combat Is anyone from the shifter community on those party pics you have on your site?

Yes... The names have been keep secret to protect thier identity :)

(Q)Ufr angel of lite What kinda armors or positions do you play?

I personally am really good at running away, so I tended to play scouts and arbitors, mainly for flag running... But I would hop in a Jugg or Dread to go kick some serious butt...

(Q)The abbot What do you think of the idea of senate behind our league . Do you think it is the fairest way to lead a community? (each clan gets 3 representant to discuss the topics , and 1 vote by clan)

Frankly this is something that I have tried to stay away from, I am really not into politics... I code... I think it is really best for the community to decide what is better for it self....

Shifter 2 section

(Q)Wolven Kin When will Shifter2 come out? Are you working on it?

I have been working on things , yes. The T2 script is going to be alot different than the T1 script, we will be able to do ALOT more with it... I am not sure when I will release Version 1 ... But I would imagine it will not take as long os other mods considering that I really do NOT plan on putting it too many new models and stuff... Mainly I am going to be sticking with features and game play...

(Q)Ottoritter What are you planning to balance or remove in S2 ?

I am NOT porting T1 Shifter to T2... I am starting with a brand new concept... There will be alot of farmilliar things, however T2 Shifter will prolly be just as fast paced and heart pounding, with alot more balanced play.

(Q)Ottoritter Tribes 2 took a lot of your ideas (grenade with about no damage that propulse ppl away, Locking missiles, An heavy armor named juggernaut ) . How do you feel about it ? Have they gaved you any kind of credit about it .

No, they have not... I mean, not verbally... I have been on beta since day one. There are many things actually that "sound" like they came from Shifter... But considering, I suppose all in all Tribes, shifter, renegades, etc are all really here because of Dynamix and there kick ass dev staff... Sooooooo... Its all good...

(Q)Armageddon Are you planning on doing a more realistic death in shifter 2?

I do not completely understand this one. If you are speaking of the animations and the way a player actually dies, this is something that is controlled by the actual player model... There us not alot that I can do to change that other than perhaps creating new models...

(Q)Coax Wreakhavoc Are you involved with the tribes 2 dev team ?

I do NOT actually code for them, I do host one of the mirror sites that will be used to Tribes 2 updates and have given alot to the comunity by providing Shifter for people to play. Those are really the only two things that I can see where I might be "directly" involved.

End of line...

zip 08-11-2016 13:02

Aw nostalgia...

spockhammer 08-11-2016 15:28


was looking for the dgd homesite yesterday and then got sidetracked...

cant wait to see SATILBEAM AND OSI IN MIDAIR AGAIN (and obviously u and billatron and mouse) :D

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