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  • Bro, I'm a woman. I think it's just what we do. And to be fair....c'mon man. BASEBALL IS AMERICAN. You unamerican piece of shit! :p
    Haha. Nah. I'm actually pretty easily amused. I laugh a whole lot at things that are so far from funny. Liar2 can attest to that. :p
    YO long time no talk man , we need to hook up some. I see your riding the dirt bikes now, im riding the streets and track days.
    Heeeyyyy!! Whats up travace, dude i was just thinking about the old gang and playing tribes. Its cool you guys are trying to keep in touch, my email address is urijahkcc@yahoo.com.
    That is great to hear bro life has been good to you and thats cool, me i am ok my son is now going to be 17 enjoy when they are that young they grow real fast, Here is my email
    count724@optonline.net hope to hear from the old crew take care.
    Yo Carlitos

    not that long ago i was just talking about you adn all the New York guys. Puhac contacted me and he has started a Mass email thing that we been doing. Got prolly 8 or so old sKg guys emails and we keep in contact. Let me know you're email addy and ill add you to the list so Everyone can say whatsup.

    Besides that life is good. I have 2 beautiful children , 4 year old boy and a just about 2 year old girl. Married to Cksnow(dont know if you remember her she would come online everyonce in a bluemoon).

    here's my e-mail address for the skg group: twphyzx@gmail.com

    Here's whites: whitedragon1337@gmail.com
    YO , whats up Trav long time no talk . You need to email me so we can talk . email me at thevanfam@gmail.com
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