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  • Are you meeting with your socialist friends? Trying to connect with cuban communists to start your own revolution? We are reporting and watching you do don't think you can pull any tricks we know what you are doing and we are monitoring you

    I'll make sure tw is aware you can't fool me projecting to be america first from mexico
    You moved to mexico to be closer to the Marxists and cuban communists!

    Your peers are keeping record of all of this and reporting and listing you
    It's really simple move back and stop your warfare on capitalism

    Everyone needs to do their part to stop CCP and you aren't helping
    Another tw pmed me to warn about you faking as a Trump supporter to hide the embarrassment of being a Mexican left win radical

    Im watching you I don't trust anyone who abandons their country to get a quick socialist paycheck and pharmacy drugs
    It's not a hard decision

    You can whine and complain about me all you want you made the decision to backstab the motherland and you are the one that is embarrassed and running with your tail behind your legs avoiding it and only you can fix it by moving back

    Move back or be considered an enemy of the state & socialist I'm done letting you treat our country like a doormat
    Are you going to comeback to capitalism or stay a socialist? We need capitalists to stop CCP

    Your either with us or against us sev
    Ex pat.... One day you will return to your homeland for now you are what I refer to as a traitor
    Happy New Year Sev, sorry I missed this message, so not sure what it was about, but I probably deserved it. Hope you have a great 2021
    Raging old white man. Sorry your orange ape got his well deserved asskicking. Sorry you're a sore loser. Now the swamp is actually getting drained. Whine more Ragey Ragerson :lol:
    Hi CoolGuy
    I hope you're doing well. I'm retired and surfing my life away in Mazatlan, Mexico. Loco Hombre Off the Mexico by SeVeReD - TribalWar Forums
    Lot's of time to read and shit post. Take care.
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