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  • Of course you don't have to disclose..
    But do you have any info on ED?
    Was he flying too close to the sun?
    time out
    Hi, (sent also to Fool)

    I would like to formally request that pictures put on the forum of my wife and other family members by Plasmatic are immediately removed from the forum and that he is warned about continuing with posting such things. My wife and others in the pictures have no involvement with TW but do have professional reputations to protect, unlike myself. These pictures have been obtained from my wife's Linked in account and my Facebook page, and I'm quite sure this is against the TOS of the forum. The specific recent examples are as follows:

    Whats for dinner? by JuggerNaught - TribalWar Forums (Post 16 and 18)
    Do you have any female friends you wouldn't ****? by Mitchdubai - Page 3 - TribalWar Forums (Post 41)


    In that fancy place probably $300,000 2 bed 2 bath
    lower to mid floors
    Other nice towers being built around here
    (and there are many)
    $175,000 1 bed/ba on up

    If you were ever curious come for a visit or i'll send info
    it seems to be investment time for condos over here
    people find early then sell after built
    same company that built ours
    good investment if you buy early ... takes 2 years to build
    Stelarhe | Condominios frente al mar en Mazatlán
    hope you're doing well
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    Hi Scooby <3
    Its me Maxine up in Vancouver BC
    Long time :)
    Just wondered how you are
    Let me know at
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