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  • I came back here the day after to read all our old messages and look at all the dumbass music videos we would send each other lol. I went through yours and Daniels pages as well. Funny how this forum probably holds the most memories of him combined with everyone. I'm sure we all hold some regrets with him mine being I hadn't reached out in forever, but he was understanding of why. I do wish I could have at least spoken to him one more time hell who knows maybe it would have changed everything that happened, but at least here it's all good memories of him that we can look back on. I hope all is well with you and your family. I've only managed to come back for a day since the funeral hopefully I'll be able to make it for the holidays and we can get together. I've got some stuff to pick up from Kat as well when I make it back.
    I'm don't think I'm trash, as a matter of fact I don't know a single person irl who would think so. Frankly the opinions of my colleagues, co workers, employees friends and family would all say something quite differently than your observation.

    However, you're still and always will be a dirty fukn kike. Some things you just can't change.
    I came here to post "you're a dirty kike" for the numerous neg reps, but I've already done that here. Still it bears repeating:

    "you a dirty fukn kike."
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