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  • rofl good to see u too! u should try playing a few matches will get the rust off in no time and ppl will helpu get into it!
    i will try to dig up some demos but you should reconnect with people on the tribes discord some time!!!
    also there was a big argument about metagame and so we started using tribes science and hawkbats as symbolic arguments for metagame beliefs (similar to all the dramas we had in shifter if you remember) so it just became a parody of itself for fun much like atheists vs theists

    hawkbats was probably the most popular team i was on in t1 LT and the tag was =h_b=
    lol type in Fettuccine on the members list taka

    <--- GaTeWaY

    of course i still check tw dood i live here :-D

    It's good to see you, have you spoke with Alron recently? I caught up with him a few years ago, i still talk to a lot of shifter people. theres a tribes discord linked here Tribes Talk - TribalWar Forums with lots of people and a shifter player facebook!

    i hope things are going well with you

    hawkbats became a #1 tribes team overall in the entire game Lol (legendary shifter team and base LT 5v5 team) and then the name just carried on

    go on the discord and ask about team hawkbats to some people that aren't me, they will know

    for example storksofly was on team hawkbats and hes like a goat of tribes
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