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    Dwarf Fighter
    1st-Level Medium Hill-Dwarf Fighter
    Armor Class 18 (chain mail and shield)
    Hit Points 13 (1d10 Hit Die)
    Proficiency Bonus +1
    Speed 25 ft. (your speed is not reduced by heavy armor)
    Alignment Neutral Evil
    Languages Common, Dwarvish

    Strength 17 (+3); add proficiency bonus to saves
    Dexterity 12 (+1); disadvantage on Stealth*
    Constitution 15 (+2); add proficiency bonus to saves
    Intelligence 10 (+0)
    Wisdom 13 (+1)
    Charisma 8 (–1)
    * Only while wearing chain mail.

    Melee Attack: Battleaxe (+4 to hit; 1d8 + 3 slashing). When you score a critical hit with this weapon, roll 1d12 for the additional damage instead of 1d8.

    Melee or Ranged Attack: Light hammer (range 20 ft./60 ft.; +4 to hit; 1d6 + 3 bludgeoning)

    Athletics, Intimidation, Deception

    Chain mail, shield, battleaxe, Sap (equivalent to a club), potion of healing, clothes, healer’s kit, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, Half a set of manacles, hempen rope (50 feet), lucky charm, mess kit, pitons (10), Gaming set, rations (4 days), spade, waterskin, whetstone, 12 gp, and 3 sp.

    Darkvision. You can see in darkness within 60 feet of you as if it were dim light. When you do so, your vision is in black and white.
    Dwarven Resilience. You have advantage on saving throws against poison, and you have resistance against poison damage.
    Dwarven Toughness. Your hit point maximum increased by 1 (included above), and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level. Additionally, whenever you roll Hit Dice during a rest, you regain 1 extra hit
    point for each Hit Die you roll.
    Stonecunning. You have advantage on any Intelligence (History) check related to the origin of particular stonework. Additionally, when exploring underground environments, you cannot become lost.

    Class Features
    Action Surge. On your turn, you can take an additional action. If you do so, you must complete a short rest or a long rest before you can use this feature again.
    Proficiencies. Add your proficiency bonus to attack rolls you make using martial weapons and simple weapons (included in “Attacks”). You also add your proficiency bonus to ability checks made to use mounts (land) and your skills (noted in “Skills”), as well as to your Strength and Constitution saving throws (noted in “Ability Scores”). You also have proficiency with all armor and shields.
    Second Wind. As an action, you can gain temporary hit points equal to 1d6 + your fighter level. These hit points can exceed your hit point maximum, and they cannot be regained. If you take damage, these hit points are lost first, and they go away after 5 minutes. Once you use this feature, you must complete a short rest or a long rest before you can use it again.

    Background: Thug

    Years of being a street tough have given you an aura of menace. Your look communicates a basic message to those who annoy you: You'd as soon break their knees as receive an apology. Threats and bullying tactics come easily to you. Your demeanor has landed you jobs with less-than-reputable organizations in the past, where you've provided both protection and muscle.

    More recently, you've joined the dwarven garrison. Maybe making wages in a honest way will be a good change. Rank: Private

    Trait - Bad Reputation.
    No matter where you go, people are afraid of you due to your connections to the dangerous criminal underworld or your history of violence. When you are in a place of civilization, you can get away with minor criminal offenses, such as refusing to pay for food at a tavern or breaking down doors at a local shop, since most people will not report your activity to the authorities.

    You have proficiency with your gaming set (checkers) and mounts (land), so you add your proficiency
    bonus to ability checks you make using them.
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