Old Tribes2 Shifter (Mod) Trailer + New Music = EXCELLENT

06-20-2014, 17:51
Well okay the video has a few hits on it already ...

I was getting nostalgic again for Tribes. I love them all forever! Naturally I drop in on good ol' TribalWar. I also StartPage (https://startpage.com/) for anything else on the Internet. What? You don't know about the search engine that "protects your privacy" w/ built-in proxy? Shifter is one of my favorite mods, it showed up, ... and the rest is history.

Shifter II: Attack Of The Tribes2-Mod advert - now with Flash Gordon music (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP4FLgGySLk)

description from site
Recently (6/13/2014), I was listening to the "Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction" radio program on an Internet live-stream broadcast from WUSB 90.1 FM, Stony Brook, NY, USA. It is a weekly radio program hosted by Howard Margolin on Friday nights at 11:30PM EST.

Listen to this and other archived episodes of Destinies (you'll be glad you did).

This particular episode was a "Soundtrack Spotlight" featuring producer Robin Esterhammer, publisher the 2007 "Flash Gordon" TV series soundtracks by Michael Picton.
http://www.perseverancerecords.c om/releases.html

After being blown away by the track "Flash Gordon - Main Title", I was psyched to overlay it onto the old "Shifter II: Attack Of The Tribes2-Mod" video (originally with Star Wars music).

A little swap here, a little stretch there (just to make everything fit to the beat), and that old Shifter II video is a new kind of awesome!
Check'em both out!


06-23-2014, 14:46