I have never played Tribes Version Two

05-08-2014, 17:12
is it any good

how many pings are there

05-08-2014, 17:43
u play trieb

05-08-2014, 18:06
Skiing ruined Tribes 2.

Red Shifter
05-08-2014, 18:28
if tribes 2 variant mod is the goatse of tribes series, version2 is a picture from dare's hard drive

05-08-2014, 21:23
tribes 2 base ****ty
tribes 2 classic pretty good

basically t1 movement more finnicky, t2 classic movement more soupy and loose.
t2 adds cool things like sensor jamming cloaking MPB and such.

it's worth a shot if u havent tried it.

Tiberius Khan
05-08-2014, 21:54
t2 base was actually really good for arena, but sadly noone plays that anymore as far as i know :(