[1.41] Tribes AfterHope

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05-14-2013, 19:43
stay small gook ;(

05-14-2013, 19:51

-stay small-

05-14-2013, 20:02
dare and sayo d0 this every 2 monhs or so

i nejoy it tbh

05-14-2013, 20:02

05-14-2013, 20:18
last night sleepy refused 2 pu in baby because he "doesnt want 2 play newbie opsayo's tribe mod with cg nerf"

i am all for a cg nerf and couldn't care less about netset

but u gonna have babies crying about their cg no matter wut u do

05-14-2013, 20:22
ever since hmc sleepy has had to rely on chain again

not surprised that he's against any form of balance

05-14-2013, 20:24
also you'd be surprised how being away from the internet for 5 days puts things in perspective

this game is really fragile and full of crazy dumb people

caring at this point what happens is useless

lmao this is good

05-14-2013, 20:27
last night sleepy refused 2 pu in baby because he "doesnt want 2 play newbie opsayo's tribe mod with cg nerf"


05-14-2013, 20:29
it is not nice for sleepy to say mean things behind my back

he pm me in irc asking if we can be friends and asked for super admin then made fun of me for cheating then told me about how high his ratings are

i have been tricked

05-14-2013, 20:31
i told him nothing wrong with nerf i still broke 30 ck with it

he tell me "i broke 50"

i had no comeback

05-14-2013, 20:32
there is no comeback to sleepys in-game abilities

u cannot contain it

you can only hope to control it

05-14-2013, 20:32
maybe u just a real black and white thinker that judge every1 cuz u got inner short many syndrome/nerd issue u not address u think of this angle?


05-14-2013, 20:45

05-14-2013, 20:47
thread turned real gay

05-14-2013, 23:44
gj :)

05-15-2013, 04:14
whats netset :o

05-15-2013, 04:49
netset totally helps lpbs more than hpbs

you're pretending to not understand this because you'd have to cry to get netset back again
I've talked to numerous people, probably including you Ops, and you have all told me that netset has a bigger effect on HPB than it does LPB but now im being told otherwise... We all know that I ping 0 if not 8-12 on branzone servers. I never truly understood the concept but I don't think that ****ing up all weapons for the sake of one is a smart choice, especially if we're trying to keep all players in mind...there should be a better approach to nerfing CG instead of nerfing all....Keep in mind I ping 0 and I don't need any ****ing setting to help me hit **** besides lowering the amount of non registering hits that I get(maybe 45% of MA are NR).

05-15-2013, 04:56

05-15-2013, 06:47

-stay small-

stop picking on maddog wtf

05-15-2013, 08:11
whats netset :o

Tribes.NetSet.2.rar (http://www.mediafire.com/?4xl36p1g1og0bma)

Netset is a plugin which allows you 2 modify interpolate and pft.

Put this in autoexec.cs. Modify those values based on your ping. I think these settings are default:
$net::interpolatetime = 64;
$net::predictforwardtime = 16;
$pref::clientSideExplosio ns = "False";

really short explanation

tribes like any other internet protocol ever receives its data in packets in set intervals. rather than playing sporadic pictures of players based on when you received data, tribes can "interpolate" the data you have by buffering the data you receive and making calculations which are able to draw the player in between the received data (Interpolation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpolation)). i don't think people know for sure why this results in inaccurate player displays, most likely it's the actual buffering of data which inherently results in a delayed drawing

pft is a function which predicts where a player will be based on current data and is a form of extrapolation (Extrapolation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extrapolation))

interpolate is a form of interpolation, pft is a form of extrapolation, and both are client side. one doesn't make the other "more smooth," and when you figure out what they do you'll realize there's essentially no real need to play with interpolate values when pft is tweakable

the big picture is this:
interpolate - delays the drawing of the player model
prediction - draws the model ahead of time

decreasing interpolate (which is the amount of time it buffers data) or increasing prediction (the amount of time ahead the model is drawn) both achieve the same means - drawing the model ahead of what you would see stock

edit: and both will make your experience jerkier/warpier/choppier in slightly different ways