So whats the deal?

06-27-2007, 04:18
Pretty much everyone has quit. I'm not going to. I'm going to play. Its free. Am I going to play all day every day? No. But I'm going to play.

But nobody is in IRC anymore. Literally nobody. Right now its me and _dee_ who hasn't said anything in irc in days.

Am I just gonna go it alone or what? Whos not quitting?

06-27-2007, 09:54
I think my friends and I are done. We sunk SOOOOO much time into this shard over the past 3 weeks, but the population diminished way too fast. The staff WAS doing a great job, but they took 3 weeks to say "the website is almost finished" and it's been a week since then, and it's still not up... Not to mention they arent out and about trying to draw people in AT ALL.

It also doesn't help that our fearless leader has been absent for so long, too. :P

Either way, it's mainly because the shard itself died out so rapidly, there were only 71 people on last night at 6pm EST (prime time) and it gave me little reason to stay on.

I want to play a shard with hundreds of players, not just 10-12 people using only Britain as THE town. I want to play the game I played 10 years ago, when all towns thrived, and there was an economy with people buying/selling ingots, boards, etc.

Now that I got a taste of UO, I need more. My friends and I are moving to UOGamers and giving that a shot. Skill gains are ultra fast and you can donate $25 to the server for 1 million gold which is more than enough to buy a small house and create a 7x mage(in 2 days). There's no insta-hit and it's based on a trammel ruleset (nox mage, scribe-mage, stun-spears, conc. blows, etc.) but there is NO TRAMMEL, only feluccia.

It's not as great as I wished, but at least there's some variety in PvP chars, a real economy, and a population of 800+ on at any given time. Maybe I'll see some of you there? :)

F [a] C E
06-27-2007, 10:03
d'oh weak. the shard took a **** pretty fast lol :<

F [a] C E
06-27-2007, 10:04
where's our leader guy at, there are now like 20 guilds to select to war at least ;/

06-27-2007, 15:24
we're both at work :p

06-27-2007, 15:49
I'm way too busy atm to play.
Looking at the playercount of the shard doesn't motivate either.

06-27-2007, 16:12
Yeah I haven't logged on in about 2 weeks or more. It seems a shame to let my character go to waste after the time I spent on it so far, and I'm not certain that I won't play again, but time hasn't been available for it.

With the increased skill gains maybe I will get back and finish, it was just too much work and not enough fun to grind out mining for gold and then afk macro skills. Add to that the repeated kills while afk in our house, and the gank groups that seemed to be the only PvP that was on the server, and I wasn't very motivated to carry on.

06-29-2007, 01:32
I'm way too busy atm to play.
Looking at the playercount of the shard doesn't motivate either.

Exactly the same for me.