7x GM Treasure Hunter here!

06-25-2007, 10:57
With the skill gain boost yesterday, I GMed Cartography from 93 and magery from 84 in less than 8 hours.

I'm not truly 7x GM JUST yet, but I'll get there very shortly...

100 Cartography
95.2 Lockpicking
100 Music
100 Provoking
100 Magery
100 Eval Int
100 Med

DeaconBlues and I did a level 4 chest yesterday with complete success and it was a blast.

I'm here for all your treasure hunting needs, just schedule a time with me and we can do your tmaps. I'm almost always in IRC and almost always available Mon 5-8pm EST, Wed 5-8pm, Fri 5-8pm, and many other random times during the week. I will only do level 2+ maps. Pretty much anybody can do the level 1 maps with 50 carto/lockpicking, and there are simply too many.